Tonight :)

Charlie Brown’s The Great Pumpkin is on tonight on ABC. I haven’t seen this show since I was a little kid so I am going to sit down and watch it 🙂 I love all the holiday shows I used to watch when I was young also I am a sucker for any holiday special on TV. So to say the least I am a tad excited to watch CB. Also next Monday night the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror is on FOX.
I know, I know, that isnt too grown up but what the hell, I am kid at heart. Growing up I used to be religious in my cartoon watching. It would start with Gummy Bears then Duck Tales , my all time favorite, Tale Spin and some others I can’t remember the names of. They used to the highlight to my day and it bothered me when I didn’t get too.
I miss the simple things I used to do especially during the Holiday seasons. One of the things I used to do and still do somewhat is watching Xmas movies from the beginning of December until the Xmas. I almost wore out my VHS copies of Home Alone 1 & 2 and White Christmas with Bing Crosby watching them over and over and over. My family probably got so tired of it but I didn’t care. Everyday I would get home they would get plugged in and then I would do homework. Memphis Bell, a true story about a WWII B-17 bomber and its crew (they were the first bomber team to finish all 52 missions), is another movie I used to watch repeately just not during the holidays.
Ah, when the days were so simple. Now it full so much other stuff but tongiht is my night to reminence and remember the good old days 🙂 I can’t wait.
I am writing this at work 🙂 Not the best thing to do but it is my last day as a Starbucks Accountant on Friday . Then it is on to my new job as BARE’s office manager 🙂 It has me excited and nervous all at the same tiime. Well I better leave this at that and get back to work.

12 thoughts on “Tonight :)

  1. I must say that I agree with you about reminding yourself about the good ole\’ relaxed days. 🙂 I think at times we all get so busy, we really do not take advantage of some of the things we used to love as kids … I think it is good to take a virtual time out and take the chance to be a kid … I too plan to watch the Charlie Brown special because I love it, and the Simpson\’s one too. I am not too much for celebrating Christmas early though … beginning of December is acceptable 🙂 but I go crazy from the end of Thanksgiving to about the first week in December because Christmas doesn\’t feel like Christmas to me until December … I think it is easier to do all of these things (reminisce being a kid) when you have someone to do it with! I am such a kid, I even still like going to the arcade! I just thought this was such a cute post I had to comment on it! Have a great day … I am going to post my workout on Thursday … you can compare/contrast and criticize if you want! 🙂

  2. i left you a fucking letter dude.. and what the hell? ah man, i am so pissed right now.. cuz this is the second time.. ggrrrr. serves me right for not learning a lesson.. msn eats messages up like cuh-raizzy.i also just had a strong gust of window blow through the window, and as i stood up to close it.. everything went flying. argh. and i have to study for an exam tomorrow when all i want to do is close my eyes and give em a rest. hahah. im good. no worries.later toby,amy

  3. I love watching the Holiday specials too. I think mainly because it brings me back to being a kid again. The days of no jobs, no bills and no end of year being in September. I am an accountant too and our fiscal ends 9/30….grrrr!! Almost wrapped up though.BTW…..we are supposed to be getting 4 to 8 inches tonight…..of snow, that is. I thought you would be the only one to appreciate that. ^_^

  4. hey toby~ i made this for you^^ you want in any size (ex. for your desktop?), tell me^^;(in pixel,ok?)

  5. here~ 1024×768~\’ve already save the old one? can i delete from the web host^^;?

  6. I Love all the Holiday Special Shows that come on around the Holiday\’s. It\’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is my favorite of course. Being young at heart is a wonderful thing. At least my 6 year old thinks so. Have a wonderful day! Melissa

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