Today was a good day!!

Well, CB was alot shorter than I remember but still fun to watch. It didnt have the same effect but i guess that is because i am alot older. Sometimes i wish i could be the little kid enjoying life.
Now to the present, I got my first sig and its hella tight! It was done by Ultramarine the SupaStar, swing by and drop her a line.
I have alot on my mind but it just isnt translating itself onto the page. I have been fighting a stupid cold and i dont think these coronas i am having help 🙂 Oh well, the life of a bachelor.
I am going through another point of loneliness even though i chat with great friends online. I think i am missing companionship. It has been some years since I was with some one and I find myself thinking alot of once was. When my girlfrien and I broke up she got married a year later.
It blew me away but not as much as bumpin into her in Oregon at a mall. It sent my heart through my chest but then some other emotions set in. The feelings that were going through me were unlike I have ever expereinced. Maybe that is why they call it life?
As i sit here, alone, listening to tunes, commenting on friends sites I wonder if there is someone for me. I believe there is but the real question is when will i meet her?
It makes me laugh sometimes because I do feel that I am destined to be a bachelor for life but if that is my destiny then so be it. I can accept fate but I might give a few challenges on that way 🙂
Tomorrow will be different than today and I think I can garentee that but like Easy-E said "dont quote me because i didnt say shit".
Like the sands of time so are days of our lives…hehhehe…i couldnt resist.

17 thoughts on “Today was a good day!!

  1. Hmm….seems like you and I are kind of feeling the same way. Except obviously I am not looking for a girl but a man! HaHa! As it also seems we have done the same thing tonight, having a few drinks, listening to music, leaving a few comments. Sorry that you feel lonely. I know how it feels and it SUCKS!!!TC ~Jolie Mae~

  2. I just dropped in to say hello and to bring you a piece that was sent to me. The ABC\’s of Friendship! A Real Friend, Accepts you as you are. Believes in "you". Calls you just to say "HI". Doesn\’t give up on you. Envisions the whole of you (even the unfinished parts). Forgives your mistakes. Gives unconditionally. Helps you without asking. Invites you over. Just wants to "be" with you. Keeps you close at heart. Loves you for who you are. Makes a difference in your life. Never Judges. Offers support. Picks you up. Quiets your fears. Raises your spirits. Says nice things about you. Tells you the truth when you need to hear it. Understands you. Values you. Walks beside you. X-plains things you don\’t understand. Yells when you won\’t listen and Zaps you back to reality. Remember, a friend will help you move. A Real Friend will help you move the Body! This Page Is Designed To help you Find Out How Many Online Friends You Have… And to make new online friends! Just forward this page to everyone you consider an online friend, or anyone you would like to have as an online friend… Then see how many you receive back!

  3. Congrats on the new siggy….Ive had several made for me…Tim does awesome work, he even made my boobies bounce for me on one of my siggys! Thanks for the comment….usually I dont have sexy men pics on myspace…usually its all women, but lately i been feeling a bit frisky and cant seem to get the old man involved…so i blogged! Hope you have a great day!~~Boobie~~

  4. Toby,Well first…my "hubby" isn\’t in any mood to be called that, as he is simply my "live in boyfriend." 🙂 Otherwise, yes, he does need to get to a gym…I hope he doesn\’t get offended if he reads your remarks, since he didn\’t read mine here (hehehe). Anyway, as for being a bachelor…you will find someone…I mean, the world is a strange place. I want to get engaged but…hell, I also need to live today and not worry about the future…I believe that everyone will find someone…sometiems, I think it\’s destiny…but being alone is not in the cards for you…I can tell.You will be fine.And, my cure for the common cold: RUM. All kinds of rum. I always feel better after I drink RUM. YUMMY YUMMY RUMMY….

  5. Hey!!!Thankx for dropping by and leaving me a comment!Yah…third eye blind rocks! That song was actually the first song I heard from them in awhile. I used to listen to them all the time!Have a nice weekend ahead, and a happy Halloween!Take it EZ -~*PIX*~

  6. Yes I seem to see that the world can be a lonely place to be when you don\’t have a particular someone in your life that you long for and desire for. But there are plenty of gurls out there! You may need to look around. Life is a always full of mysteries as if you have to solve a piece of puzzle in life or the emptiness. I feel for you here Tobz and that am finding it hard to find someone but I sure am not going to let this get to me all I got to is move forward and never look back. Hope this helps. Hope that someday that maybe you can add me to your contacts to chat oneday. The choice is yours! Hope that you will find the one that takes your fancy and desire. Goodluck to you!

  7. Toby, you feel alone at home because you are alone at home, and sometimes being alone is ok! Sometimes even when you are in a relationship you can feel alone, if you don\’t keep the lines of communication going, or if you have someone that is a bit of an introvert. It sounds like you have a very active social life with plenty of friends, and you take great care of yourself which is such a good thing! I find it hard to believe that you can\’t find a girl to spend some time with and that "it has been awhile" since you have been with someone … unless there is something wrong with those girls up there. As for your ex, I know that women can be fickle, I am fickle myself, but I have learned to control my fickleness because it can be quite ridiculous at times. Now, I can believe that maybe you have "dated" a bit and you just have not found a girl worthy of your time. It can be very hard to find someone you are compatible with, and even once you find someone you are compatible with, people change and so you may become more compatible at times and less compatible at other times. You are a smart and attractive man, and I would bet that if you continue to look in the right places, you will find a girl that is great for you! Hoping some love comes your way, Jenn. 🙂 Oh yeah I posted my workout regimen … and I am jealous you are up there in Washington because it is just so damn beautiful there … not that Missouri isn\’t, it\’s just different. Oh well … have a good one!

  8. Here\’s a nice cliche for ya, but I really do feel your pain… Most of the time I\’m fine being single, but yesterday was one of those days where for some reason I kinda dwelled on being lonely and of course, thoughts turned to the ex. One of those things where I\’m better off (and he is probably also), but every once in awhile in creep those "what-ifs." Today\’s already better though, not completely done wallowing, but close. Hope you\’re doing better also

  9. Hi TOby..How are you?I must say that what you think is very much similar to what I think ….. what the future has in its hand for us there we dont know?…and this mysteriousity sometimes baffles me…but the essence of life is in living it…. keeping the positives in mind and leaving the negetive behind….I am sure you would have a perfect match…and god is finding that "one" for you…and he wants to gift you with the thats why he is taking timeTake Care~Mayank

  10. HAPPY LAST DAY AS STARBUCKS ACCOUNTANT!!!True love will be found when you least expect it. At least that\’s what happened to me. Unfortunately, I was already married. (hehe) Just kidding.Enjoy your single life now. You\’re still young and have plenty of years to be nagged by the old ball and chain.

  11. There are witches in my mailbox.What am I to do? I found them there this morning, doing things they shouldn\’t do!! How the witches got there, I haven\’t got a clue. But they won\’t be there much longer because I\’m sending them to YOU!!!!!! You\’ve been Witch Kissed! Before the warts begin to spread, pass the kisses on instead! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!Much love~~boobie~~

  12. Hey Toby,Such a sweet comment you left. No need to thank me. I just really understand what it feels like to be alone and not want to be =( Anyways hope you have a great weekend.

  13. Toby, I feel this way a lot myself. I thought that I had found "the one" a few years ago. We had started talking about life\’s plans and dreams and all of a sudden he started talking differently. Now we\’re close friends and he\’s moving on with others. It\’s really hard. I, too, often wonder if I\’m destined to spend life alone. I don\’t take it as well as you do though. ;)Ang

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