It’s Official

Today was my last day with Starbucks Coffee Company and I have to say that I have never worked with such fine people. They were everything I could ever have hoped for and treated me very well.
I knew earlier this week that they were throwing me a pizza party. That was cool in itself but when they surprised me with a going away present I was totally shocked, flabergasted is a better term. It came with a pound of my favorite coffee, Sumatra, a new coffee cup, card and 80 dollar Starbucks card. It is one of their new ones that you can registar and if gets lost or stolen Starbucks will replace it for free.
Only being their 9 months I didn’t they would bat an eye to my departure but once again I was proved wrong. It made me feel real good and it makes leaving difficult. I have never left I job I liked before so it is a little weird. But our team manager put it this way, "Toby I am glad it didn’t work out here permanetly…you have a much brighter future ahead of you". It’s a great boost of confindence going into my new position as a office manager and that my co-workers believe in me.
So as I write this I <tip my hat>, <raise my beer, Pyramid Apricot Ale> and I Solute YOU GUYS!!!
Thanks. Thanks for taking me in, showing me the ropes, letting me make mistakes, be apart of the team, allowing me to take on projects, implement processes and most importantly, be your friend.
Now the future is upon me and there is no turning back. What challenges will the next adventure have and how will I over come in order to succeed? I am accept the mission captain and will do my best but I have to give a heads up. I just might make a few mistakes on the way but I hope that is only human. 
This weekend should be great to say the least but this is futurespect. Tonight I am meeting up with Mom & Grandma for dinner and then going to my mom’s house to do some super vegging. Then on Saturday I am meeting up with a buddy in order to finish his research paper I have been coaching him on. On Sunday it is my nephew’s birthday, Aiden YOU RULE!! He is going to be the big UNO, number 1. So my weekend is already filled up but hopefully Monday I can provide some sort of recap.
Onto other matters. Thanks to every one who has posted a comment especially the ones that help me through the difficult times. It isnt easy for me sometimes and i am not devoid of issues. My love life is one big issue but right now it makes me smile instead of sad. So Thanks <raising my beer> mmmmm that was good and just cranked up some Mike Jones!!
I will try to get around the net this weekend but I am not quite sure if I will be able to.
To my friends in time I thank you and keep it real,

15 thoughts on “It’s Official

  1. LOVE SOMETHING BIGGER Love something higher, something bigger, something which you willbe lost; you can be posessed by it, but you cannot possess it. Love can create great trouble and it can also create great joy. Onehas to be very, very alert, because love is our basic chemistry. If oneis alert about one\’s love energy, then everything goes right. Always love something higher than yourself, and you will neverbe in trouble; always love something bigger than yourself. Peopletend to love something lower than themselves, something smallerthan themselves. You can control the smaller, you can dominate thesmaller, and you can feel very good with the inferior, because itmakes you look superior—then the ego is fulfilled. And once youstart creating ego out of your love, then you are bound for hell. Love something bigger, something higher, something in which you will be lost and that you cannot control; you can only be pos-essed by it, but you cannot possess it. Then the ego disappears, and when love is without ego, it is prayer.

  2. Got your message a few days back, and I\’m not usually slow in replying, but I had a crazy busy week… So anyway, right back at ya! *wink* And I hope your having a nice weekend too! Plus an extra fun but scary Halloween Monday! =) See ya around.

  3. Today is my first day here….so I do wish you luck…and hope you have a great weekend.I have enjoyed some of the tips you have shared. I have saved them, and when I am thinking clearly…I shall try one.Take Care,Helen

  4. Congrats on the new job. I just started a new job myself with Flying J. I\’ve been ther just under 2 weeks now, creating screens for a credit card update. I\’m learning loads.I haven\’t forgotten my promise to send you some winter pics. I will try to find some tonight and scan, and email them tommrow.The HAWKS have the week off. From the schedules, it doesn\’t look like they are going to gain ground during thier off week.Have a great Halloween

  5. AWW!! Still having a bit of a hard time eh….. Same here!! Actually I\’m going through what seems like an impossible time!!! I\’m totally lost as to what to do or what my future holds :S You seem like you have a great head on your shoulders so I\’m sure you can do the most wonderful things with your life. Then again hearing those kind of things never help when you are feeling alone :S I\’ll stop blabbing now…sorry…~jml~

  6. looking at cool titles in Directories..(¯`v´¯) `·.¸.·´ ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨) (¸.·´ (¸.·´ ¸¸.·´♡♥♡♥ ¸.·´¨ … Sxybeepsgt

  7. Good luck with the new position. I\’m sure that you will do great!!I hope Aiden\’s first birthday party went well. I saw his pictures on your brother\’s blog……he is so adorable!Happy Halloween!!

  8. Well, I am glad you had a busy weekend to keep yourself occupied! Mine was pretty busy too, and now it is back to the daily grind … I am glad to say though that I really do love my job!! I actually made it to the gym this weekend because I skipped on Friday in favor of going out for sushi and going to the arcade (yes, I am 23 and I like to go the arcade …) 🙂 The rest of the weekend was filled with regular stuff like going to the groccery store and such, but I also got another pet. A super cool, super fat Pacman frog, who flattens out like a pancake when he sleeps … so I aptly named him Mr. Bisquick. I think that is all to report, hope your weekend held everything it promised, keep smilin\’~! ~Jenn~

  9. Hey! Trick or Treat!C\’mon, give me some damn candy! Hurry up with it. I got a lotta houses to hit. Do you like my George Bush costume? Scary, huh? Nice pumpkin you have there. Did you carve that yourself? Nice third grade work for a grown up. It will look good rolling down the street!Thanks for the free candy! Later!Happy Halloween from MEGABRAD 🙂

  10. Hello Toby.It is nice that you have so many great friends. I love Starbucks\’ coffee, hehe…Good luck with your new position! 🙂

  11. HI hun! Did the Seahawks win this week? Ive gotten myself behind a bit, daughters been a lot sick the past couple days! I missed the game last night, wanted to watch it, just fell asleep right there on the couch way before half time! I think i seen the entire first quarter…and that was all she wrote! Have a lovely day hun!~~Boobie~~

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