Q&A with Toby

Ask me anything, whether it is about me personally or just general questions. My heart, mind & door are always open!!

16) Who was the cousin who pulled me out of the snow? by jaxswim
The cousin was Jessie at Mount Pilchuck and the hitch cover still bears the scars but it’s still in one piece 😉
15) Have you ever had a an accident? by boo26969
I had to chuckle about this question at first and I sure if anyone knows me they will understand. Yes, I have had a few good accidents in my time.
One: Endo’ed my dirt bike while training for a race. The bike landed on me and compressed my back and fractured my skull. The foot peg entered my skull right behind my right ear and almost got to my spinal cord.
Two: While working in Pipeline construction I had a valve explode in my face under 1600lbs pressure. The handle hit the tip of my chin breaking my jaw in three places and breaking out alot of my teeth. That steady hurt!! My jaw was wired shut for 3 weeks and I didn’t regain full movement for about a year.
Three: This is just me knees. Multiple tears and strains and right now my left knee has a partial tear in the miniscus and a strecthed ACL, the doctors said it wasn’t bad enough yet for an operation.
So yes, I have an accident once or twice in my years 😛

14) Why does Crystal’s question sound so familiar? by AmykinsRN

I am not sure why it sounds familiar because we never got that far. But if my memory serves me correctly you did have your hands full 😉

13) Are you in? by Crystal
This is to funny. Yes i am in for your Dirty Comment Day!! I hope no ladies ever ask me this when were shakin up 😉

12) Do you REALLY think the Seahawks have a chance against the Colts at the end of the season? by Marcie
Yes!! This is football right and plus we have a great team this year. Our offense put points on the board through all four quarters, our deffense likes to intercept passes and our kicker will lauch it over 50 yards. We don’t have a chance, We have another WIN coming our way!! GO SEAHAWKS!!
11) What was your favorite toy as a child? by sweet_MissMae

Yes!! This is awesome. My favorite toy was LEGOs!!!! I used to build and rebuild for hours and hours on end. I had a draw full of pieces and I would get my favorite blanket, yea i had one, and pour all them out and play. There is so much you can do with LEGOs if you have the imagination. I still like to play with them when I see them. 😉

10) What type of ice cream do you like? by boo26969
Orange Sherbert!!

9) The REAL question is…Will the HUSKIES beat the COUGS? by amykristen
ABSOLUTLY!! Eventhough the Dawgs are having another rough year their record is in favor of a win. Being a Dawg it is hard to watch our football team but I DON’T CARE!! GO DAWGS!!

8) E.T come knocking on your door, holding up a Peace sign; one night and asked to borrow your telephone, what would you do? by dawnO_1982
 I would great "them" with openess and peace but with some skepticism. Being a believer, I use the scientific knowledge and apply it to reality. The numbers don’t lye and the universe is so vast that to comprehend all right now is far beyond my reach. But discounting the hostility factor would be un wise. We don’t know who or what we are facing, excluding the conspricacy theories, so to be totally unprepared or open could lead to a hostile take over. I welcome the day and pray that I may be alive to see the day no matter the outcome because I welcome the chance to be apart of.

7) What do you like to do for fun? by Princess Boobie
Thing the is; I used to do so much. I started skiing when I was five but really slowed my activities approaching middle school, 6-7 grade. Then my brother and I started Karate. After training for a few years we ended up Junior Olympians. That ended and we started racing dirt bikes. Our focus was on Hare Scramblers and Desert racing. Trophied and did well but then I re-found skiiing and have been doing that since. Other things that accompany skiing are reading, writing and working. Times have changed and I am trying to re-focus my energy on my long run future.

6) Why did I see same blog poeple leaving comments on all good blog I visit? by OrlanduMike
We are seeing the same people leaving comments on multiple sites which we all visit because we are active bloggers/commentors. We enjoy roaming around and meeting new people so we are bound to bump into the same people once in a while. Also, if we use people comments list or spaces list to find new blogs then we have no chioce but to see the same people. This is the real reason why, well at least that is what i can come up with.

5) What I have done in my life that I am particulary proud of? by MizzouTigress
When I went to Bosnia in Oct 04 on behalf of the University of Washington to teach students team building, consulting and business strategy. I went totally alone, didn’t know anyone , couldn’t speak the language and met some fantastic people that showed me the culture and took me into their lives.

4) When your girlfriend is upset at what will you do? by Molly 
Well since I don’t have one I am not sure what I would do. Depends on what I did to piss her off. I would have to own up to my mistake and try to make it up to her. Saying sorry would be a great start.

3) What is my ideal girl? by Crystal
Answer: She is cute, sweet and has a mind of her own but will agree with me just because. She is also nice and kind hearted. She has to be 100% girl but doesn’t mind getting dirty. She has to love to cuddle, has to hold me, let me be the man and most importantly she has to love me.
2) Why are there so many cruel people in this world? by Jolie Mae
Answer: Two reasons; First ~ Jealousy & Fear. People are scared of what they don’t understand and the only way they know how to deal with it is to attack or lash out. Second ~ They dislike themselves. Other times people dislike a part of themselves or their behavior and in order to feel better they abuse others.
1) Are you a good father? by BunmiDarling
Answer: I’m not a father but an Uncle, and Yes, I am a good uncle.

42 thoughts on “Q&A with Toby

  1. What is your ideal girl like????Just taking a break from moving to spread some ……..*love* *love* *love* *love*you*love* *love*you*love* *love*you*love* ……*love**you* …*love*…..*love* .*love*………*love* *love*………..*love* *love*………..*love* .*love*………*love* …*love*…..*love* ……*love**you* *love*……………*love* .*love*………….*love* ..*love*………..*love* …*love*………*love*….*love*…….*love* …..*love*…..*love* ……*love*…*love* …….*love***you* ……..*love**you* *love**you**love* *love**you**love *love* *love* *love**you**love* *love**you**love* *love**love**love**you**love**love**you**love*Happy Friday :)SmoochesCrystal

  2. Hi Toby =)Here goes nothing…..Why are there so many cruel people in this world?Why cant people be more accepting of others no matter what race you are or how rich you are or what health problems you may have?Why cant people be more understanding?Why cant people be more compassionate?Why cant there be more people who opens their hearts to those in need?Why cant people be more kind hearted and loving?There are so many people out there who need a caring hand to reach out and touch them so why cant more people step off their high horses and give it to them?I\’m so sorry Toby thats more like a rant but I had to get it out! I understand if you cant answer those questions but if you have a "take" on any or all of them I\’d love to hear it =)TTYL ~Jolie Mae~

  3. Hi Toby.Good answers haha…I have a queston which is when your girlfriend is upset what will you do? ;)Thanks.Have a nice weekend!

  4. Hi and thanks for dropping by!I hope that you may drop by sometime soon.I like the way the way that you have opened up your space so that we can all ask you questions about yourself- it is a nice personal touch.I loved your answers in this blog very nice.I truly hope that you have a good weekend and speak to you soonLoveNatashax

  5. Hi and thanks for the details on your birthday I have added this to my calendar!!!When your special day does come around and people have left birthday messages for you on your space- please thank the visitors that have taken the time to visit you.You can view your details here: http://spaces.msn.com/members/spacesbirthdaycalendar/Any changes or any questions get in touch as soon as you can.Please provide a link on your MSN space for my directory on your page so visitors will be aware of this.Thanks and have a wonderful day and come and visit real soon- maybe visit my main MSN space and read the latest in my life and cast a vote for my MSN space here: http://spaces.msn.com/members/msbootilicious/ Have a wonderful day, drop by anytime soon Take care Love Natasha.xx

  6. What have you done in your life that you are particularly proud of? What have you done in your life that you are less proud of/not proud of? If you could choose one moment as the best moment of your entire life what would it be?

  7. Hi Toby, sorry I lack time to come check out your great writings :)Hum questions… Did you already came skying in Québec or will you do so?Will you travel to another continent someday?Here some other stupid questions :)( I know the answer of most, but want to see your point :))Why did I see same blog people leaving comments everywhere on all good blog I visit.Where did you get all thoses nice idea and reflexion about actuality subject?Where did you got the time to write it all down?When will you be president? :PWill you enter in my Alexandria librairy Network? (Can\’t resist :P)

  8. Seahawks did a great job this weekend….So did the Steelers….we made Brett Farve look like he was retired already! You should check out my pics for the game. Ok my ? to you is…what do you like to do for fun? hehe! Hope you have a great day!~~Boobie~~

  9. I am sry to post here to make a comment but I would like to stay that I am fully enjoying the questions. Every question is building and getting as "real" to me as they could ever get!! Please keep them coming. <cheers> To You!!

  10. well..here\’s one/… when the new people stop in to say hello,……What type of ice cream do you like? :)see ya!! come stop by and say hi

  11. Will you forgive a friend who has been out of her mind busy lately, for not calling you back and dropping in to say hi? I sure hope so.I hope work is going awesome for you. I know you can do it and will do an awesome job. You don\’t give yourself enough credit! I hope to talk to you soon.Amy

  12. Love your answers sweetie 🙂 Shows what a doll you are!!So can I put you on the list for me event *wink wink*Pretty pleaseSmoochesCrystal

  13. Nice answer to my question :Pwell I would add cause we all have quality blogs and visit quality blogs so we keep going on same place and leave comment on great space maynly so we all found great blog great. So we have like the same kind of taste for blog beauty, content or organisation.But I found it nice to see people I already see elsewhere :PBye @+

  14. HaHaHa great answer!! I still play with legos from time to time myself. With my younger brother that is. Helping him build some really cool looking cars and stuff. Yes I love orange sherbert, I\’m surprised you dont know anyone else who likes it. I know a few but none who like it as much as me. Maybe we should have an orange sherbert eating contest….when I get better of course =P Can you do anything for me??? Hmm good question…You can make me hot chocolate and put lots of whip cream on top! *LOL* That should make me feel better…right?? =PTake Care Toby ttyl…~Jolie Mae~

  15. Legos, thats cute hun! My son is 13 still loves his legos, he can build just about anything! He really does love to take things apart and rework them! Hope you are having a great Hump Day! Im super excited about this weekend and going up to see the Steelers whop up on the Browns! I got new siggie today from Tim, you should hope over give it the once over! Its me and Hines Ward! Its soo cool! Well hun…..go hump something! Much love~~Boobie~~

  16. OMG LMFAO!!!!!! Don\’t worry baby I think I\’d know when you were in LOLThats too funny. Youre so cute! I\’ve added you to the Dirty List heheheheCan\’t wait to get dirty with you.Ok next question…..You meet a really sweet girl. Pretty, smart, you guys hit it off great. It\’s your first day together, you\’ve only known her about 8 hours. She kisses you, and wants to go further. What do you do??Hehehee Smooches babyCrystal

  17. Hello there If you have the chance at some point today can you drop by at the following space to leave your birthday wishes for AlexYou can visit his space by clicking on the link below:http://spaces.msn.com/members/AKAFanSite/ Thanks very much and I hope to speak to you soon, have a great day and drop by sometime soonHugsNatashaxx

  18. Just dropping off some hugs from the corner. We\’ve been nominated at the spaces hall of fame again. Under two categories this time.TC ~jml~

  19. Why does Crystal\’s question sound so familiar? I can\’t quite place it but it felt almost like I\’ve been there before. Any ideas? Let me know if you can think of anything. 😉

  20. hey sweetie…TGIF! Im going to see the Steelers…Whoot!!!!! Come see where im sitting..i dont have far to run!!!! Have a great weekend!!~~Boobie~~

  21. I totally disagree, but I can\’t be disloyal to my Colts. I have to say though…you and the Chargers are my biggest fears for upsetting an otherwise PERFECT Colts season thusfar…I just don\’t see it happening, even Monday Night against Pitt…I think we got that one, too.

  22. GO COUGS!!! sorry had to get that out of my system. With thanksgiving approaching it is making me nostalgic for the family rivalries (half Huskeys half Cougars much food being flung)

  23. Why is it taking so long for me to get better? HaHaHaThanx for the get well wishes =)Hugs from the corner!!TC ~jml~

  24. Do you prefer…..Boxers or Briefs….Kisses or Hugz….hot showers or cold…romantic evening out or hot and steamy night in….; ) Tarah xo

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