Guest Blogger: If I were King’s MSN Space

The big day has finally arrived and it is totally exciting so without further adu (sp) here goes something…Guest Blogger 6, i mean 6666, oops one to many 😉
WOW the q&a w/ Toby has gone really well and the questions and answers are getting exciting. I have never done something like that before with people and I got to say it is interesting. The variety of questions you get are amazing and intriguing.
The last question was from boo26969 and it hit home like a ton of bricks if you know what I mean. Please visit her space and wish her well. One thing I can say I hate, I don’t like using that word, hate, is volunteering for pain. It can be delt with when it happens like in my accidents but volunteering ie. surgery. I just cna’t do it. A buddy came over last night and we got on this topic and he would rather volunteer ie. getting a new tatoo than getting hurt that can’t be anticipated. Were two opposites on that note.
MUHAHAHAHA….Law time!! The king passed one of my suggestions a while ago, Beer is Now An Official Food Group, ssssshhh don’t tell him I do break half that law though. I consume budweiser, sssshhhh keep it down.
IIWK…..It would SNOW at least ONCE in every location on PLANET EARTH and when that day came it would be a manditory snow day!!
Since I live in an area that gets snow, and boy do I love it, it is easy for me enjoy it but for others it isn’t. I have met and talked  with people that never seen the snow and even shown people it for the first time. OMG that was truley amazing.
Now K. T will probably battle with me on this one 😉 but it is totally worth pushing this issue 🙂
I am a totaly winter geek. Skiing since I was kid, I swear I have snow on the brain. Maybe that is what my issue is, hmmmm, hahhaha!! So that means I have water on the brain. Too cool!!
Hey K. T, thanks for allowing us bloggers, I like to think us as writers, to write and have it posted on your space!! Truely it is an honor and it’s hella fun. So as I close this entry and popping another corona I have to tip it up to ya <taking to mean arse drinks>. Oh man that went straight to the dome. Catch ya’ll later!!

10 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: If I were King’s MSN Space

  1. Thanks for this law…Luv it! Me Winter Geek too…originally from Chicago…..Go Cubs Go!! (sorry…old habits hard to die..) currently living in Taiwan….(what a change,uhu?)…good luck and have a nice day…Corona too?!! >.< yeah……….Cheers!

  2. Great blog today gave me something to smile about and remember my childhood ;o)Have a great weekendCheers I luv Bud too !!! Tom is always bugging meSuz

  3. My kids love snow days! It has snowed twice here in the past two weeks, but it disappeared in a day or two both times.I love the snow….but I don\’t love the cold. So needless to say….I don\’t go out and play that often.~Have a great day!~

  4. Great game today…even though you still aren\’t going to beat the Colts…I mean, have you seen these beasts?? hehehe…okay, I know… we only played the Texans, but "on any given Sunday" the NFL can change…I really enjoyed watching your Hawks today…I\’m keeping a close eye on you…hahaha…good win. Talk at you later,From the best NFL city in the US of A. Marcie

  5. Hey, Toby! Just wanted to say thanks and acknowledge your encouraging words on my page. As you probably already know, I shut it down, but do have another page at myspace. Check it out sometime.\’s just a fun place to share your thoughts and pics, but only people you allow may leave you comments!!! You know I like that!!!Love reading all your blogs and hope all is well up your way!!!~Stef

  6. Could we figure out a way to have snow days with the snow only in certain areas? Like in pictures?Okay, I don\’t mind it once a year. I\’ll settle for one day.Sure beats four seasons of summer, like I remember in the Arabian Gulf!!

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