JACKPOT!! I just scored tons of Winter Stuff Pics for the goingbigger slide show!! GenJLC sent them via email and hooked it up. I mean I scored like 5 years worth…thanks dude!! It is getting crazy around here and the time is right to loose all control!! I WILL DO SOMETHING STUPID!! <Apricot Weizen is going to my head> Maybe there are times when one shouldn’t speak but this is not one of those times.
This last week has been fun and I apologize if I haven’t dropped by or didn’t leave a message. Things have been crazy and I am finally working on my old machine 🙂 The company purchased me a tablet pc for work <evil grin> and its features are the best I have ever played with. It is like stuff off StarTrek TNG!!. If anyone has the opportunity to choose between a labtop and a tablet, go with the tablet. Seriously!!
On to other matters…I love Apricot Weizen from the Pyramid Ale House. By far these tastiest beer on the planet. If you have never tried one you are so missing out. It’s the only beer that won’t be turned away by the ladies after she has tasted it 🙂 Buy a keg for the party, even your boys won’t diss once they sample it. Beer is good, mmmmm, Sometimes I drink, that was sure a cool site.
This weekend may be a good time to light the streets on fire and get crazy. I mean, Apple Cup and THE DAWGS WILL DEVISTATE the Cougs!! Should be hooking up a buddy for the game on Saturday! Then the HAWKS play on Sunday. YEA BUDDY!! If your not a HAWKS fan you better reconize!! and that is where I leave it.
Harry Potter is showing tonight at 12. I will go and see it becuase it should have so sweet graphics and plus it is my favorite book. The action is intense throughout and I hope they didn’t take to much out of it. It is my night to NERD out!! It happens so why not embrace the internal nerd 😎
Dude!! I am getting a tad loaded right now. #4 is beating me up but maybe if I pound it I will totally regain control ;/ Good thing I am on a computer.
So where does the story end? Who knows…

7 thoughts on “YEA BUDDY!!

  1. HaHaHa….damn booze eh Toby….Drink er up why not? You still havent made me my hot chocolate =( I guess I\’ll have to save the whip cream for another day =P

  2. HaHaHa….damn booze eh Toby….Drink er up why not? You still havent made me my hot chocolate =( I guess I\’ll have to save the whip cream for another day =P

  3. I miss my tablet. (Changed jobs and it belonged to my old company.) It had a lot of awesome features.I was wondering if you could help me out…..How did you get the picture/logo on here at the top of the page? Also, I have been trying to update my profile, but all I get when I click on "edit profile" is a blank blue screen….do you know how I can get around this??I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. Hey Toby…..thank you very much for the info. I greatly appreciate it! I\’d buy you a beer or two if we were closer!My uncle just got back from Sugarloaf Mtn. I immediately thought of you. He said the conditions weren\’t bad for it being opening day! ~~Happy Friday!!~~

  5. Hi, just stopping by to say hi, space is looking good, if you have time today, could you please come by and wish James a Happy Birthday?Thanks,: )

  6. Hey Dirty Spacer….Tomorrow is the big day….Bring yourself, bring your dirty mind, and bring a towel ….this is going to be hot!!!!There are 50 of you on the list, 31 girls, 18 guys, and 1 couple. The list is on the right side of my space, and there will be a special "Dirty Blog" set up tomorrow!Don\’t miss it! See you there :)SmoochesCrystal

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