Apple Cup 2005

My night to morning wasn’t the smoothest. I finally passed out around 1:30 am was scared awake by my apartment buildings fire alarm! Damn, that shit is stupid loud and after going to bed a little faded it made all confused. Can you imagine, I am trying to put pants on and running around like a chicken with head cut off.I finally get a shirt and flip flops on and head to the hall way and there is this India dude asking what the hell is going on. Picture it, I am confused, still loaded and wondering what the hell is going on myself and his acent was strong. He was all trying to go up the elevator but got him to follow me outside. The confusion was all for nothing because it was false alarm, good thing.
My buddy, Jason, shows up and we head out at 9am to pick the tickets for the Apple Cup. Huskie Stadium was foggy but prime conditions for a football game. We pick up the tickets and we are just hanging and then the beer comes out. First beer at 9:45am and hammered before the game. The game was going good until the last few minutes. Needless to say is the Dawgs lost 😦 but that is football.
I am feeling much better after eating a while pizza and a lot of water. Some friends and I are hitting a movie in a little bit so I popped a beer. Got to get my fade on before a movie!! I might want to be careful, get to buzzed and pass out 😛 That would be a complete waste of my $7.50. But if I get chips and nacho cheese did that would be sweet.
Well the Seattle Seahawks play San Francisco 49ers on the road. Were going to beat them up!! Hello; I would like to introduce you to #37 because your going to see a lot of him. The 49ers defense has their hands ful with our team!! I will totally eating some lunch and watching the game with the HAWKS hat on.
Most of the comments left on this entry were intended for my participation in Cyrstals Dirty Comment Day. See my Post here.

10 thoughts on “Apple Cup 2005

  1. Hey Sexy!!! Just stoppin by to get it on…;P I\’m scared of getting pregnant again, so do you want to cum over & test out all of my condoms? I am participating in the Sexual Olympics multiple orgasm relay race my partner just died of exhaustion. Would you like to help me out? hehe Hugz and gropes….Tarah

  2. Im wet and its all because of you, I want your cock deep inside me, mmm fuck me hard!Happy dirty comment day sexy :)KissesApril

  3. I want to whisper a kiss on your neck and blaze a trail with my tongue down your chest, then lower until I capture you with my mouth. Happy dirty comments day!

  4. *comes here with a set of handcuffs (pink fuzy ones) and a blindfold* do you like to play games????? happy dirty comments day!!

  5. SpAcEs DiRtY coMmEnT dAyI can deep-throat all but the absolute biggest cocks, and, yes, I do swallow -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´* ~ Lynn ~ -:¦:-

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