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Today’s game could be the most intense game I have ever been too. What am I saying, that was the best game I have ever been too. To all those that say "we squeked another one out", A WIN IS A WIN AT THE END OF THE SEASON!!!
The db level inside the stadium still has my head rining!! OMG I don’t know how to put it into words. In my lifetime I have never seen the Hawks be 9-2 and and the NFC leaders!!
Seattle has been needing this for so many years and now we have it. WHEN YOU HAVE IT; YOU HAVE IT!! and finally it is are time to HAVE IT!!
What a perfect ending to a perfect week!!! FAMILY | FRIENDS | WINS there is nothing better.
ONE Manning down and one to go!!
Marcie is a HUGE Indy fan and is going to the game tomorrow. They are playing Boobie’s fav team, Steelers.
I will be watching the game with friends and Maxwells.
The season is heating up towards a total eruption to the point where I can’t believe what is truely happening but it is happening!!

8 thoughts on “Seattle Seahawks | NFC Leaders | Goingbigger

  1. I hate to break it to you but at this point, the Colts are unstoppable. May have taken down his younger brother, but the way the elder Manning (my Peyton) reads plays, sees the defense and works from the line, he is the hardest working QB in the league…not to mention the absolute best player in the league…Eli doesn\’t have nearly the experience and frankly, this is Peyton\’s year…Seattle is 9-2 now and deserve it…a win is a win, that\’s for sure, but you aren\’t going to be stopping this all around, fully executing, mind blowingly fabulous, organization that Tony Dungy has created for all real football fans to appreciate….We\’re going to the SB this year ba-by! I can\’t wait! 🙂 GO COLTS!Nice win by the Hawks…although it was a squeaker, it\’s worth it…especially if you are there…how amazing!Last night was unbelieavable…and poor Erich…just wasn\’t his night…Steelers didn\’t score after the 1st Quarter. This game just wasn\’t the game we were expecting, but did you see that 80 yarder – first drive of the game! Holy cow…best play all season!

  2. boobie is the best! LOLi have nothing else to say as i really know nothing about american football… i suppose i could have googled and faked it… hehe. j/k wouldnt do that to ya ;-)michy

  3. Hi sweetie! Yeah, your seahawks are coming a long way this year arent they? Im happy for you. I wish we could of taken the Colts down..but its all good. There is still a lot of football left to play! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful….Happy Hump Day!~~~Boobie~~

  4. They actually showed that Seahawks game in my part of Canada… don\’t usually get to see them on TV. I didn;t realize they were that good this year…And thanks for the comment… I have a good friend that lives close to Kirkland…Cheers.~ian

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