Winter Blast Dec 1 2005

It is finally snowing here in Kirkland and I just made plans to go up to Stevens Pass on Wednesday!! YEA BUDDY!! My walk around town was enjoyable and it gave me time to take a few pics. If it keeps coming down I will go out there and take some more 🙂 With any luck we just might see a white xmas here. Now that would be cool!
The real estate course I am doing now is going ok. I know most of the material so it is just a matter of clicking through to the exams. Things are going well at the new job. It has taken some getting used to but they are coming together. The re-design on Barnett Associates website came together nicely. Our pages finally seem to have uniformity and a clean look. I find it difficult to do every aspect of the site from imagination –> materialization. Refining our marketing strategies I hope to have a usable site for people. I would like to interview the people on our site or get a critque from a SEO firm.
Agent recruitment starts shortly and the pages have already been created, click here. So if you are an agent already in the Snohomish County area or the surrounding and would like to change offices email me. On the career page you can find info on the different options.
If that wasn’t a shameless plug 🙂 I just couldn’t resit.

6 thoughts on “Winter Blast Dec 1 2005

  1. Lucky you….we HAD snow. But after a week of rain and amazing high temperatures for this time of year….I\’m looking at green grass again. My snow dance is just not working.I\’m glad the job is going well. But that really isn\’t a surprise. I knew you would run with it. Love the pictures from the game….you are quite the handsome gentleman.:)

  2. It was close to 80 again today so no snow for us yet, but at least it\’s cooled down a little. I want to try skiing, but I\’m afraid of heights. For some reason (this is the way my mind works), the hurtling down the mountain part doesn\’t bother me as much as jumping off the lift. Any suggestions on where to go for very, very rank beginners? Also might want to mention I\’m not coordinated and have only seen a singificant amount of snow once in my life that I\’m able to remember. And I totally understand if your suggestion is to hit the beach…

  3. Hey ppl… you all may or may not have noticedthat i have been deleted… due to PORNOGRAPHY….did u guys see it? i didnt…Anyway Im back…. come sign up for spaces appreciation…sign the guest book…and send me your eyes and kisses!!!! love you all!! xoxoTarah ~ Again

  4. hi!Im celina!! Seen your space from this one site… umm the ring thing… hah lol… well, take care coooollll spacee!!! love the pics!!ciao!Celina~!!!

  5. uuuhhmmmrugby……….i don t understand this sport!:)i love football-soccer!however………kisses…..fromITALYciaooooooooooooo

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