Good Morning

This weekend was great!! Friday I met up with my old man and started to decorate his boat for the parade on Saturday night. We had lunch at Anthony’s Homeport in Everett then off to decorating.
The boat was covered in lights and looked suprisingly well. My homeboy Jake came down after he got off work then we cruised around at night with some of my dad’s friends. I’m not sure I have ever seen the Puget Sound so smooth in my whole life. When I would releave my dad from driving on the fly bridge, it was F’kin Cold, I was feeling like the I was on the Titanic the night before it hit the iceberg. It was clear, cold and calm. After cruising for a bit we just headed back to the slip and relaxed over drinks and conversation.
Jake and I took off to head to the Casino to meet up with some more buddies and their ladies. I avioded the tables becuase last time I sat on a black jack table the casino broke my bank. Ah, it happens. Later night we ended back in Marytown and just chilled.
WellI got cleaned up and met up my buddy in Kirland, Aaron. That dude cracks me up, one of the funnest guys i know, I called him already this morning and he gave me a one liner from Anchor Man, and last night we had a whole conversation with lines from our fav films. We didn’t resort to breaking out the Star Wars lines or talking Klingon but I’m anyone would understand 😉
Aaron and I went up to Everett and met up with Dad and his friends to do the boat parade and take part in the boat judging contest. We easily stepped it up over all the competition. GO DAD…There was 3,000 lights on our boat, hehhe, "Dad you taught me everthing I know about exterior illumination".
We did the parade and partied. Once again I had a few beers. This time the flavor was MGD canned. Not my favorite but it was cold and within reach 😉
We went up to the award ceremony to see how we fared. The first award was the "Over 40ft Class". We won, that is a W. It was cool to win our class and then they handed out the rest of the classes and then we won the "Best Overall"!!!!!
It was pretty cool because knocked the guy out that has won the most. He came over to dad’s boat afterwards and we talked and he loved that we took it the next level. Now we all are hoping that people bring it and make the competition more ofjust that, competition. As the competition grows in between boaters hopefully more people turn out to watch it. The Yacht Club has done the best in planning and preformaning there public events. So hopefully next year it crazy time 😉
I am going to search for some pics and links online while I watch the Steelers and the Bangles duke it out.
I want to chill but that doesnt look possible. I have to get cleaned up in a half hour to meet up with dad, brother, sister-in-law and nephew to hang out and do a Xmas thing.
Dad’s boss has him working this Xmas 😦 the first one ever. Ah, duty calls but sometimes there timing SUCKS!!
Hope all is well in your corner of the Universe. Your friend in Time,

2 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Considering the Eagles have no QB and no WR to speak of and apparently NO team, this is not a viable source of NFL football competition, therefore, this is by no means a representation of the strongest offense and 8th strongest defense coming to the NW…We shall see…looking forward to it…:) I assume we will be seeing you in the post season if all goes well.

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