10-2 and Pushing Hard…

One thing I have figured out in life is that there will always be critics even when you or in this case, your team is doing well.


It was a cold and snowy night on the field of Philadelphia for Monday Night football where the Seattle Seahawks were set to take on the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles were looking to take control of there season after loosing most of their key players and the Seahawks were trying to solidify there home field advantage for the NFC playoffs.


With the snow coming down relentlessly the Eagles found themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place.


The Seattle Seahawks destroyed the Philadelphia Eagles by a score of 42-0. Factoid: That is the largest score for a shutout in the history of Monday Night Football. The excitement was almost, keyword: almost, uncontrollable. From the sitting position I found my leaping over and over again, throwing high-fives and yelling at the TV all the while congratulating the Seattle’s defense for playing some good football.


Tis the Season to be Merry and Merry I am with win like that in front of the whole nation who thinks that we don’t play football in the Pacific Northwest!! We can play in the rain, snow and sunshine so whatever the weather is like you can rest assured that the Hawks no how to play in it…


GO SEATTLE SEAHAWKS!! Here’s to a great season!!


9 thoughts on “10-2 and Pushing Hard…

  1. *LOL*Okay I will sign you up as a member of *Team Jolie*I will send you the member benefits later…HaHaHa =PThanx for the compliment Toby =DP.S. If you do that tag let me know! I\’d like to read your answers.

  2. Well…we have both clinched our playoff spots and I believe our teams are the two most ridiculed teams in the league…it is something we have to deal with because they are winning and people never want to give credit where it is due (although it\’s hard when the Eagles are out of every bit of steam they ever had, you have beat a shitton of teams, which is what matters)…It will be an interesting matchup come Christmas Eve in the NW. I dont\’know if I have it in me to wish you luck, but I will. If you would like any specific articles posted, send them to Lil_bee80@yahoo.com, and I will put them up on my site.Who are you all matching up with this weekend?

  3. I saw that game actually. Can you believe it? It was awesome I must say!! 🙂 I hope you are doing well. Once my life gets back to normal we need to have a nice long phone conversation. I miss the chats!! Amy

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