It has been a while since I really took the time to write anything that was half way worth reading. Lately it seems that I my thoughts and feelings have been all over the place. There isn’t a particular reason, well at least I can see, why I feel so blasé; it’s probably more life stuff. Okay enough of that type of talk lets get onto something more positive.


This weekend the 2005-2006 Seattle Seahawks are proved to us Seattle fans that they are the BEST team we have ever had, period. I don’t remember when there was so many bests associated with a Seattle team well at least in my life time. Seattle fans couldn’t ask for anything better than what we have going right now and believe me when I say “it has been a long wait and well over due”. <Cheers> to being a Seattle FAN!!!


Now we stand at an impressive 11-2 on the season with 3 games left. They are all hard games, no game is ever easy, but one in particular has me reeling with excitement and that is when Peyton Manning and the Colts come to town on Christmas Eve. One of my friend I have met through MSN Space, Marcie or Ruckus Ramblings from Indy, ask me if our teams will play their starters since we both have solidified our places in the playoffs? Yes, they will for a couple reasons.


One: The Colts are undefeated

Two: The Seahawks would like to upset that pretty record of theirs

Three: We are playing at home

Four: Seattle fans would be PISSED

Five: These two teams may meet in the Super Bowl

Six: I am praying for it

Seven: It is too important not to play them

Eight: That is why I bought tickets

Nine: Because I wrote to Santa

Ten: We have the loudest stadium, just ask Eli Manning


That is my ten days of Christmas…


What else is hempinin in my world? Oh yea, Thursday I am going to the Nutcracker with Kim. YEA BUDDY!! It should be hella fun. I have never been to the ballet before so it should be quite a learning experience. I am not sure if I will like or dislike it but if I do dislike it I have a BEAUTIFUL lady to capture my attention J She already does and I really enjoy her fun attitude.


We met up on Saturday at the Showbox to hang out. Well she went to the Showbox to see her brothers band play and I went to see her. So it all works out J I got a little lit up J a few beers and a few hager bombs I was ready to party but I ended up heading home some time after midnight. My buddy Chris, his girlfriend and I stopped at Taco Bell and scored so much food I though I might exploded after trying to consume it all. All in all a perfect evening.


Now we are to Sunday and where this story begins. Chris and I met up on Sunday afternoon right before the Hawks game and watched about 5 minutes at my place then made a b-line to his for the rest of the game. On our way there we stopped and got fuel and beer. We both noticed the lady’s Lexus next to us wasn’t in to good of shape due to the fact that her right rear tire was peeling of the rim.


Being well raised boys we offered and changed her flat, hell it is Christmas you know? After changing it she was trying to give us 20 bucks. We declined but after she would not let up we graciously accepted. She was like “go buy yourself some beer” and I was like “we just bought beer” with a smile but I told her we would get lunch instead.


It felt really good to help her out. In a lot of ways she reminded me of my mom. In a hurry, frustrated by something else that came up, in a nice car, well dressed, looking like she didn’t know how (regardless if she did know how) and not needing another headache at that moment. By offering it made me hope that someone seen my mother in that position that they would stop out of their day and help, even if the Hawks are playing.


Well I can see I have plenty to chat about tonight and with the holidays and the New Year approaching I am sure there will be no shortage of stories to come.


But Toby can you give a sneak peek?


Ok, ok you talked me into it. February I am going to Whistler to GO BIG!! My buddy came over Friday night for some cold beverages and he mentioned the trip. Noticing that the trip was badass I asked if I could sleep on the cabin floor. He told me the next day that I was IN LIKE FLYNN. YEA BUDDY!!


So with a brand new jacket and poles and most of my gear that has a season a half on it I will be their taking photos, getting crazy, skiing my ass off, goingbigger, maybe getting hurt and drinking a lot I will bring my new tablet so I can share with you all my adventures!! Needless to say I am really looking forward to the excitement!!


Gosh that is enough rambling out me for one evening. Hope all my friends are safe and sound.


Your friend in Time,




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  1. Oh, Toby…oh Toby…I am sooooo jealous that you have tix to that game…Too bad I\’m worried about THIS weekend slightly more, for two reasons:1.) It comes FIRST and it\’s a BIG AFC matchup…we have to continue to win in the AFC to stay respected.2.) THREE of our big defensive starters are injured and "questionable" for the game. I know this could mean a lot of things, but Tony D. says he is not going to risk the team and risk the SB in these last few games.What does that mean?? You all wouldn\’t even get the chance to mess up our record…but it doesn\’t mean that we are going to lose…just have to prepare emotionally for it.I\’m just glad taht you will get to witness Peyton "Genius" Manning in action in person…it\’s actually pretty amazing, because you can hear him making plays from the stands…absolutely one the coolest things in the world…Do you think that he\’ll get MVP? From a nonfan point of view, of course! :)Good luck this weekend too…I don\’t know who you all are playing, but I hope you win. Don\’t forget to send me the articles that you want me to post on my site when I feature the Hawks.

  2. P.S. Princess Boobie…they won\’t but thanks for being a hater…that\’s why we keep on winning…to prove nonfans like you wrizong! 🙂 have a great day.

  3. OK ~ IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO SPACES APPRECIATION DAY PARTICIPANTS~Come to my space ~ beside your name you will find 2 numbers: The first one is yours, the one beside is your partners~you will be appreciating eachother SO keep that in mind ~ so if ya arent gonna do it, you will be letting the person who took the time to appreciate YOU down!Check out the space, get to know the spacer~ and on the 20th you will post a blog all about that spacer/space! Make them feel appreciated…post their pics or jokes be creative ~ a huge thing last time was ppl makin siggy\’s (if u do that sorta thing) use your imagination!THIS PART IS IMPORTANTthere is 62 people on this list~ and a place in my space (current blog) called spaces appreciation confirmation, if i do not see your name there by the morning of the 19th I will assume you are not participating, and i will remove and rearrange things! Its just not fair to the ppl who put the effort into it.So on that note i hope to see 62 confirmations!have fun! any questions … just ask or you can mess me..tarah_johnson@hotmail.comSee ya all soon! and Have fun!Tarah XO

  4. hello… thanks fer stopping by my space… and saying wassupppppppppppp… so i just came to do the same ..:) hope you have sparkles flying in your house.. filled with happiness and laughter… come by say hi … any time you like wana chat… just add me meeting new people…. gorgous baby by the way !!BOo

  5. Hello Toby.How are you? I haven\’t come here for a while because I am a bit busy lately. Hope things are doing well there.Christmas is closer…Merry Christmas and have a great time!

  6. hey~TOBY~o\’.\’o WOWWW very loooooooooooooooong message….around 15-20 minute to read yours +__+ **poor english nan**Christmas is coming!!!!!!! the weather\’s getting cold here~

  7. Coming over from Tarah\’s.. I thought I remembered hitting your space on Dirty Day, hell I won that siggy man! LOL.. Meery Christmas.. so you like skii, me water skii., never snow skiiRandyDA BAreFootin Boy

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