Spaces Appreciation Day II

Today I have the honor to introduce you to Tarah and you can find her space @  •·.·´¯`·.·•Tå®åhs Wå®pëð Z¤ñë•·.·´¯`·.·• Also, she is the person who put together and hosted this MOST awesome day!! Go show her some luv!! like on her leg 😉



A lack of information is no problem, everything your heart desires, well almost 😉 no nudies I have to report 😦
but if you are warped in some way shape or form then drop her a line!!!
For the Guys: I recommend checking out her collection of HOTTIE pics, click here to view. Just don’t let boss catch you so look over the shoulder when viewing 😉 Damn my pants are getting tighter just checking them out, WAHOOO today is going to be a good day!!
For the Ladies: I couldn’t leave ya out on this. I didn’t check the hunk pics out, sorry, but if it is like the other albums I bet it is FABULOUS!! Click here to see the big meat.
I could go on and on about the WARPEDNESS so swing by her site and give her some kisses, somewhere 😉 and browse around!!
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas you all are appreciated!!
I jumped into my comments and looky looky…Tarah has made me a new siggy!! Toby is in a Snow Globe. YEA BUDDY!!!

I Told ya she kicked ass
Tarah Babe here Is Yous!!
I can email the full one since this one is downsized, just let me know!!
Your friend,

14 thoughts on “Spaces Appreciation Day II

  1. T: happy appreciation day to you too, and Merry Christmas. I\’ll probably be buying you your beer of choice.I\’m sure I\’ll be visiting friends this summer in Lake Stevens.K.T.

  2. thanks luv!!lmao @ your pants getting tighter (nice touch)hope ya get lotsa ppl coming to check ya out and btw…LOVE THE TREE = D Have a great holiday hugz&muahz ~ Tarah

  3. hey..a lil somethin for ya to come pick up at my space its at the bottom of your blog!! Hope ya like it!I was getting it made,so it was a bit late!! enjoyTarah

  4. Happy Spaces Appreciation Day! Thanks for stopping by my space and leaving your comments.ρєα¢є συт, ¢υвѕ¢συт! ~тσяα

  5. Hi Toby, your comment was great and I can see why you won that award for the comments day lol. Thanks for coming by and I really hope my space didn\’t actually shut your pc down!Happy Spaces Appreciation Day!!~Nikki xo~

  6. Good Morning Sunshine!Siggy\’s Lookin Fab on your space…FYI: Its a "my mom" creation…(i dont wanna take credit for her work = D)he he .. I rock?? Naw…giggles ..Ofcourse send it over… tarah_johnson@hotmail.comthank ya!! have a great day…must get cofee now ; )toodles ~ hugz&muahz~ Tarah

  7. Thanks for stopping by for Space Appreciation Day. I\’m glad you liked my snow pics. I had fun when I was taking those and I didn\’t have to go very far. I just walked out my door. I took them for a friend who is living in Singapore. It\’s warm year round there and he was missing the snow. May you have a wonderful holiday. hugsssDenise

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