Talking about Readers weigh in on intelligent design ruling – Science –



Readers weigh in on intelligent design ruling – Science –

Hooray!! Intellengent design is barred from being taught in PA schools. This makes me so happy and excited for the future of public education.


I did a post a while back, Seperation of Church & State: Good Idea? There is a danger of reverting to the past in which we fought so desperately to get away from. Now we have a religous right pushing the movement forward but in our court of law it is ruled unconstitutional.

Looking at the global problems religion continues to stay on top of the hate related fantical crimes upon humanity. There are so many views between individuals that having one way will never work. Why do you think the United States of America has prospered so much? Because we took religion out of it and kept everything to the facts.


But freedom of speech, I 100% believe in it, keeps the door open for all to speak their mind. This will probably never dispear in the US but at least the rulings happening now, precedent, will establish the position of the United States Government.


Don’t mistake a individuals positions for beliefs. They are two seperate topics and have very different answers.





17 thoughts on “Talking about Readers weigh in on intelligent design ruling – Science –

  1. heya! thanks for your comment ❤ Great space!, keep it up!xHope you have a Great Xmas and a fab new year!Drop by again soon,ali___x]]

  2. I agree. Schools should get back to what is important. Too many cooks in the kitchen… Now they should just fix the issues with the WASL. Sad when teachers can\’t teach what they should anymore.Have a great Christmas!Lisa

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  4. I do think that intelligent design should be left out of the science classroom becuase it flirts to close to religious boundaries, but I also think that Darwin\’s theories should not be taught because there is more SCIENTIFIC evidence that Darwin\’s theory is not correct than that is. In fact even Darwin himself admitted that his theory was full of loopholes and missing links that he could not account for.

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  6. Best keep all \’theories\’ out of the classroom. I don\’t care to be told what is what if the damn teacher can\’t prove he\’s right and then that God doesn\’t also exist. It\’s such pointless crap. I hate anyone else trying to persuade me any which way.Some science sways much to close to bullshit simply to rebel against a theologian. Whatever.Schools should teach facts. That is it. In college, I believe students can take classes that present theories and such and provide their "facts" and what have you.. but a public grade school has no right to lean either way if they cant provide learning about a number of "theories."HEY TOBY, Merry Christmas!!Amy

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  9. well, i have to wonder who defined intelligent to begin with. 
    i don\’t mean to disparage the parents who took up the issue from either side, but there really are no \’winners\’ in this ruling.  each set of persons is somehow deprived of expansive knowledge, or at best, inquisition. 
    does this mean that theory has superseded fact, and untestable hypothesis are as good as gold?
    of course, darwinism is largely pigeon-holed and does not reflect all of the man\’s thoughts on evolution and such, nor on destiny as pertains to the human earth-based experience.
    his projections for the future of mankind should also be looked into, as are those of Malthus to give a sobering elixer to the \’survival of the fittest\’ label he gets fitted with…
    in a political scenario, does this nullify the \’social contract\’ that is precedent to our democratic republican virtue, or somehow add to it another element? 
    Largely, this decision testifies to the overwhelming burden of public school teachers who act more as social workers and baby-sitters, etc. than as instructors in many communiites.  How can a comprehensive view be taken, with an eye to exams, when really, this ultimate mystery of origins and destiny has and will continue to bedevil mankind until the end, or his end.  it really is easier to teach to the test, answering a, b, c, d, or e, or true and false…
    it is sad…though mankind lives in contradiction at all moments,
    is this what holds his/her cells together in the end?
    aha, perhaps it is….perhaps it is….

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