NFC West Champs hit a record 13-2

Christmas Eve’s game against the Colts was awesome to say the least. My buddy and I got down there relatively early and headed on into Quest Field. On the opening drive Indianapolis came out gunning. Manning was throwing good and the looked as if they would do some damage but that was not the case.
The Colts marched down field and into the red zone but Seattle’s goal line defense showed up and held Indianapolis to just a field goal. Sorry Peyton but no touchdown! Now it was the Seahawks offense turn to see if they could put some points on the board. It took 5 plays and Alexander found himself with 25th touchdown of the season and making it7-3 Hawks!!
The very next drive, the Colts once again marched down field and are on the 6 yard line with it being 1st goal. Goal line defense was in the back in affect and kept Peyton, for the second time, out of the end zone. Indianapolis brings on their field goal unit to try and put 3 more points up on the board but all they got was DENIED!! The Hawks blocked the field goal to keep the score 7-3. Then it was our turn to make something happen.
Seattle put another 7 on that drive and Peyton concieded his loss and sat out the rest of the game. So we were beating the best team, playing their starters, 14-3 in the first half 🙂
Seattle then proceeded to put another 14 points to make to make a final score 28-13.
I have already order my playoff tickets for both games and can’t wait of January to come for some Post Season Action!! Here is to the BEST TEAM IN THE NFL <cheers>
Did I mention that we have the LOUDEST FANS on the Planet? OMG my head hurt by the end of the first quarter due to the noise!! We RULE!!!
12TH MAN!!
I heard on ESPN that Seattle is going to be the worst stadium to have to play in on the road during the post season becuase we are so loud. You can literally hear the stadium’s volume raise each play call Peyton was making!! So with 2 Mannings down and the Playoffs to go the Seattle Seahawks welcome
If this a precursor to how the post season is going to be then there will be some great football!!
Well I am off to watch Monday Night Football at a buddies house!!

9 thoughts on “NFC West Champs hit a record 13-2

  1. Thanks hun for the holiday wishes, hope you had an awesome Christmas and got all you deserved! And for the visual you left in my head……Hump-i-dy Hump-i-dy Hump Hump-i-dy Hump-i-dy HumpLook at Toby goMuch love~~Boobie~~

  2. I\’m sorry for the long delay with no post on the poetry corner. If you have visited my main space and read my blogs you will see that I\’m having a huge streak of bad luck. I havent had any spare time because I\’m trying to work through all my problems. I\’m trying to get caught up on things today hence the copy/paste apology message. I miss reading all your great poems and I hope to have some more time in the near future! Hope all is well!~Jolie Mae~

  3. Congrats. I\’m glad you got to see such a good game. I will not make excuses for the Colts…but it was good for them to rest their starters, the majority of them actually not even attending the game and giving Jim Sorgi a chance to see some playing time. Half those guys will never see the field again …many their first time in a real NFL game since entering after their draft 1, 2 and 3 years ago. needless to say, it was a good experience for all of them. Hopefully you see the REAL Colts in the post season. Good luck to you in Playoffs.

  4. I don\’t have my tix….I priced them today…they are over $200 a peice for upper level…so I will be watching it from the couch…like most of the other games…have fun though. I just dn\’t think it will be the same with Tony gone and even then, I\’m just not feelin\’ the football groove much this last week. It has been a devastating loss to the community and hard to concentrate on anything else. Football is football …there is always next year…

  5. T: C U in the NFC Championship game!!!! GO BEARS.I\’ll pick out a few of my favorite beers. I hope you can buy them in Seattle. You must be in heaven with all the snow coming down in the mountains. I for one, am loving the sunshine and 70 degree weather.K.T.

  6. hey baby…come enjoy some hump day inspiration…..I forgot yesterday…imagine me forgetting hump day! i SHOULD BE SPANKED!!!!!!! Much love~~Boobie~~

  7. SEAHAWKS are going to WIN the SUPER BOWL by 3. The main focus is to TAKE OUT the Steelers Quarter back and Bettius. The rest is SEAHAWKS SUPER BOWL!

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