Talking about 130 Iraqis, 7 U.S. soldiers killed in bombings – Conflict in Iraq –



130 Iraqis, 7 U.S. soldiers killed in bombings – Conflict in Iraq –

There comes a point when you have to stop fight in order to have piece. It may seem like a simple concept but to others it makes little or no sense at all.

Today bombing tore through Iraq with target including busy shopping centers, army recruiting stations and US military convoys. This is a recurring story which we all have heard over and over again with little or no hope that these attacks will never end.

Babak Behnam, Revived Insurgency or Desperate Attacks? writes about a lawlessness in which the Iragi people will have to  deal with for a long time. This is highly possible especially since the anticipation of US forces pulling out. The tactics used by the insurgency have not change since the American lead invasion. Targeting US Military consitellations has proven ineffective so the insurgents had to target their people to encourage us to pull out. There is some logical backwardness to that idea but it brings nothing to the table for reconstruction for the country.

Lets say that the insurgents win, a relative term, and now have their country to themselves. Do they have a plan for a new Iraq? An Iraq which is self governing, that provides the highly needed services and doesn’t have the daily bloodshed. I haven’t seen or read any plan of theirs but that is because they don’t have one.

The insurgents have no idea how to run a country because they have spent their time learning destructive techniques instead focusing on productive processes.

There comes a time when you have to lay down your arms and say "we are not going to ruin our country anymore". Maybe that is something will never come especially if the fighters are so self righteous that no one else could possibly have a better way than theirs.

It is time for them to look around at the global factors which make others so successful. It should be easy to see that their way does not and will not work in the new global economies. There comes a time when everyone has to change and the insurgents time is here.

My hope is that change can take place and the region can something that resembles harmony but it cannot happen without change.


4 thoughts on “Talking about 130 Iraqis, 7 U.S. soldiers killed in bombings – Conflict in Iraq –

  1. wow…i love fat meat…yeah i know sounds great under this blog huh? especially since it has nothing to do with this. I still wanted to let you know that fat meat is my fav……hahaha! <evil grin> Happy new year hun!~~boobie~~

  2. hey there thanks for dropping by!you know some people are just too deep into what they are doing that theres no way to stop them except let them do the damage and find out for themselves the reality they have to face.

  3. Wow, I don\’t think its a great idea to pull out of Iraq now at all. Bin laden had bombed us on 911 because as he said out of his own mouth, "we were weak, cowardly and will never fight back."  Well boy did he get surprised when we did fight back this time huh? They brought the fight here and we took it over there where it belongs. Is it tragic that so many are dying? Of course it is as it was when over 3000 died on 911 and thousands more permanently disabled and disfigured for the rest of their lives. To pull out of Iraq now would only put our soldiers at more risk and all of us at risk….:)

  4. this is a topic close to my heart, being in the military and preparing now to make my 3rd trip to the region….the politico inside me screams that we should get the hell out of dodge before we get caught in the middle of a civil war….but the Soldier I am screams back that if we do leave, the civil war is sure to explode as soon as the last plane takes off….it reminds me of the standoff in the Balkans (also spent some time there)….you got a palpable sense that if we pulled out of there en masse the cleansing would begin anew…its a hell of a paradox….bottom line up front (BLUF) we\’re in it up to our necks, so we might as well keep trying to do some good while we\’re there…..

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