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thats right folks, 100% BS for FREE!!
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Act now and for no additional charge you get absoluting nothing…and that is my garuantee.
Disclaimer: all questions and comments from either myself or viewer will be 100% public and monitored for appropiate content.

4 thoughts on “Help Desk

  1. The Seahawks will win the Superbowl and you can take it to the bank!!!  Why?  Im a Lions fan and have been for 30 odd years and I know when a team is going to lose.  Jerome Bettis fumbling the ball inside the two tells me that the Steelers are going to be the recievers of a major butt whipping!!!  I think that was an omen of bad things to come for the Steelers.  On the other hand the Seahawks looked like a machine while smoking the Panthers!!! They played 60 minutes, unlike the Steelers!! 

  2. I like your jokes I \’m not really into football but you make it sound fun to watch!My P.E teacher since I am in 5th grade I have P.E loves the steelers and everything in the P.E room is steelers.Well any way I love your space can you visit mine.

  3. I was hoping to know how to create a guestbook like you did any ideas how you did this so I too can have this on my site. Thanks. Take care and hear from you again soon.

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