It All About the Seattle Seahawks!!!!

This weekend I have the please in attending the playoff game this weekend.
The Seattle Seahawks are host the Washington Redskins.
There is so much excitement around it is amazing. Check my Seattle Seahawks page.
Tickets sold out in 8 minutes but yours truely has his set and won’t, I repeat, won’t give them up for anything. The Seahawks have a healthy team entering the second round of playoffs and are coming of a weeks rest. Just don’t starting thinking that the another team has a shot at winning a game Quest Stadium.
Shaun Alexander (RB) has just recieved the MVP for year while winning the Rushing Titile (1880 yds) and breaking the most TD scored in a single season (28). Hasselbeck is being toughted as the best quarterback in the NFC. Our recievers hold onto the football. There are host of players that have made this season one to remember. It already has gone down in the history books as our best season ever.
My buddy and I are going to get crazy this weekend. This is the longest I have ever spent on the phone to him and it is solid FOOTBALL!!!! There is no "how are you", "what you doing", "I ate chili", oh no no, its more like "RIP HIS HEAD OFF", "The Seahawks 9 point favs", "How Hammered are we Getting?"…Muhahahaha…
The previous games will look tame compared to the crowd that will be this weekend.
Our plan is to get there by 10:15am and park. First Stop: The Pyramid Ale House for some Apricot Ale and the Super Nacho. The beer is so good coming on out of frozen taps, mmmmmmm beer…
That should start the game off perfectly then maybe some garlic fries. I will oozing garlic but oh well it is definetly worth. Then maybe one more beer becuase by that time the ales from earlier would be in full affect and those get me loaded. HAHAHA
It is time to get rough and rowdy so put your game face on!!
Let me know who you are choosing why….Inquiring minds wanna know!!

9 thoughts on “It All About the Seattle Seahawks!!!!

  1. Hey Toby,Thanks for stopping by! LTNS…thing are going pretty good on my end. I\’m getting ready for a big move overseas for a few years. I\’m excited but a little stressed from all the paperwork and packing. Other than that, I hope you had an awesome holiday season and I\’ll be back online in a couple months. Go SeaTown!!~Sea

  2. hey babes….yeah seahawks are doing well..hope they win this weekend just like I hope my Steelers Win too, it would be awesome eh. Happy hump day and oh i was thinking that my version of "goingbigger" sounds so inviting……~~Boobie!!

  3. So lucky… I haven\’t been to any pro games this season, let alone any playoffs… not that the Cowboys did anything anyways… Oh well, at least my Longhorns won!! What a great game…

  4. Well I know who I will be rooting for this weekend and I will be cheering on the Hawks for the NFC…would love to see a rematch…good luck and hope there\’s no spitting this weekend! :)GO BLUE…on EITHER SIDE OF THE NFL! I LOVE PEYTON…:)

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