Carolina Panther vs Seattle Seahawks

Well this morning I got busy adding some pics to B.A.R.E.’s Seahawks page. I could go on and on about the feeling but that would be BORING SO here is the playoff picture.
New England Patriot – OUT
Denver Bronco – CONTINUING ON!!
Washington Redskins – OUT
Seattle Seahawks – CONTINUING ON!!
Indianapolis – OUT
Pittsburg Steelers – CONTINUING ON!!
On the television is the Chicao Bears & Carolina Panthers with the Panthers leading 10-0 in the second quarter. OMG, Urlacher just picked off the Panthers!! The crowd is going crazy. The winner of this game comes to Seattle to face the Hawks.
The AFC Championsip game will be against the Pittsburg Steelers vs Denver Broncos @ Denver.
The NFC Championship game will be against the Coralina Panthers vs Seattle Seahawks @ Seattle.
So <cheers> to the blood, guts and glory of the NFL Playoff races. May the beatings continue, your team win and GO SEAHAWKS!!
One of my favorites pictures from the game is the the one of Quest Field at the end of the night. The stadium has a glow to it, excluding the field lights still on, or could have just have the atmosphere.

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