NFC Championship Tickets

Tickets are Sold the $%^ Out!!!
It is time to hand deliver the pain the Carolina Panthers. No one knows how much louder the 12th man can get but we are going to try & try to be a lot louder!!
that is what i love to say at the game and if there is a problem…
I might just rip your head off!!
Leave a message for Seahawk Support!! It’s Go Time!!
Another Pic I took made view it here.
#1 Hawk Fan!!
Toby "goingbigger" Barnett

11 thoughts on “NFC Championship Tickets

  1. hey hun…congratulations to you also! Your seahawks pulled it off. Dont you just freaking love football! I do!! come on back check out the bar pictures….Some really great ppl that we go watch the games with! Much love to you and your team! ~~Boobie~~

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  3. Hey I am just checking out the spaces I have linked on my space and I thought i would stop by and say hello.Chat laterdallas

  4. Didn\’t u have a friend from Indianppolis? Ha Ha We in Colts out!! I don\’t think I took a breath the entire 4th quarter. I still have the headache to prove it!! Sunday\’s championship games are going to be AWESOME baby! We\’ve been talking about how weird a Bronco/Seahawk superbowl would be!

  5. Congrats…and just because we lost doesn\’t mean we will next year…there\’s always next year….GOOD LUCK…but, I am rooting for the Steelers :). GO PITT.

  6. do any of you seattle people know how to spell or are you guys as dumb as your football team that thinks they have a chance to beat the STEELERS!! We are the the hardest hitting team in the NFL. The seahawks will find that out quickly and realize what they got themselves into.

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