Seattle Seahawks reserve there seat at Superbowl XL

Seattle Seahawks – 05-06 NFC Champions
Today is the greatest day in Seattle sport history and I was there experiencing the whole thing from start to finish.
It all started when Brian surprised me by driving the MUSTANG. After saying my good byes to dad we jumped in the car and did a second to third gear smoke show. Drifting all over the road we proceeded to get our game faces on.
We arrived in Seattle @ 12:30 to meet up with friend in the north parking lot. There were burgers, kegs and the largest assortment of booze i have ever seen in a 16 foot trailer. The party was large, photographers were taking pics of buddies that were dressed up, hotties kickin it and carolina fans be booed, yelled at all under a blanket of energy & synergy of the fans.
Now it is game time and were drinking some brews the game kicks off and all holy noise and 12th Man bludgering the Seahawks defense hand delivered a 3 and Out but we didn’t translate our possesion into point. No Worries, the defense stepped up once again and forced another 3 and Out. Hawks ball. Marching down field we put 7 uip on the board by a combinations of run and pass.
All this time the 12th Man, Paul Allen raised the 12th Man flag, was delivered a relentless pounding of noise, screams, yelling, words which some are not appropiate to say.
Then the Seattle Seahawks proceeded to get 3 intercpetions, one fumble recovering to seel the deal. The panthers are facing a long flight home with a major loss. Bye bye, thanks for trying and enjoy the gaem from the COUCH!!
This win send the Seattle Seahawks to Superbowl XL (40). The city as a collective happiness in which i have never witnessed. This a time of great things and our time to showcase our strength to all the HATERS that are still out there!
We will rip your head off!! whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Its Our Year!!
Superbowl XL will be:
Pittsburg Steelers vs Seattle Seahawks
It’s going to be a blood bath…

7 thoughts on “Seattle Seahawks reserve there seat at Superbowl XL

  1. well we were not as lucky to be in seattle for the game but it was great to watch the game at home. hope all is well and you are having fun. talk soon mindy and chris

  2. I think you were still hung over when u published that entry 🙂 I am sooooo jealous. U got to go to the game!! I watched the game and you could barely hear the play by play the place was rocking so much. It was cool to see Paul Allen raise the 12th man flag. Caralina came into our house all cocky. "We shredded Chicago\’s defense!" "We embaresed the Giants at home" The hawks just saind "Not in our house!!" Hey Steve Smith time to take your bie egoed, hot headed, self and find a Super Bowl paty where you can watch the game!

  3. T: Congrats to the Seahawks. I\’ll still buy you that beer if I come to Seattle this year. OR, I\’ll buy you a few in Las Vegas if you attend the 1st annual MSN Space Convention.K.T.

  4. Im happy for you toby…just you though, long as you understand i cant wish your team well this week. LOL! Pittsburghs going to the Superbowl…Yeah! Im so happy! Yeah! See you round buddy! Have a nice week!~~Boobie~~

  5. THe funniest thing tho: I was watching the game and they showed someone waving a Steelers blanket. The crowd grabbed it and ran off with it. We were all busting up!

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