Now that the Super Bowl is finally here we can now talk
The final showdown take place in Detroit, The Motor City.
Goingbigger vs Princess Boobie
All I hear is blah, blah, blah, blaahhh, Seahawks will loose, blah, blah, blah. Get it straight people the Hawks are the Real-Deal-Holifield and nothing is going to stop us. But, Toby this is the Steelers. Steelers shmeelers. They were the sixth seat going into the playoffs and the Seattle Seahawks finished the regular season 13-3, secured home field advantage through the playoffs and got the first round by. Oh yea, we also beat on the Redskins and then the Carolina Panthers.
People were saying the Seahawks couldn’t stop Steve Smith. Give me a break. He had 5 catches for 33 yards. That is SHUTDOWN. We also forced might Delhomme into throwing 3 interceptions and we weren’t supposed to be able to stop him either.
Then their are the 34 points we put up but the Hawks still aren’t good? EAT *&^%! You Hear Me? EAT MY &^%$.
Were bad, good and our time is due. IT’S OUR TIME!!
We have thrown a beating to a lot of team this year and make all the excuses you like but the Seattle Seahawks will dominate the game, again.
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Tell me who and why your taking them…let Hash It out!! Go Seahawks!



Disturbed, Sacred Lie of the albumn Ten Thousand Fists

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7 thoughts on “SUPER BOWL XL

  1. Seahawk fans talk shit because they are the SHIT! Seahawks are going to destroy the Steelers come Feb. 5th. History has proven that Alexander the Great (Sean Alexander that is) always conquers. Keep up the good blogging cuz and don\’t cut those Steeler fans any slack.

  2. I\’ve been observing your blog from afar thru my GF\’s blog. She said you were a big Hawks fan. Well Since the Hawks had…well I\’m going to say it, the weekest schedule in the NFL, that 13-3 mark doesn\’t quite paint the whole picture. I give you that the Seahawks shut down Steve Smith but can they shut down a whole offense. I\’m mean the Panthers were on their 3rd Running back playing away from home. You had to expect that. Now lets take the Steelers playing away from home is right up their alley, Not only defeating teams but destroying the top teams in the NFL not just the AFC. Playing tricks on the Bungles, punishing the Colts and outright distroying the Broncos all doing so on the road, in hostile environments. I garentee there will be more Steelers fans there then Seahawks fans. What the Seahawks have on their side is a seasoned experienced coach and a overrated MVP. Lets face it he got the MVP because he is all you have and rushing against the 49ers, Rams and Cardinals isn\’t exactly difficult. Just thought I\’d start a little trash talking Feel free to visit my site…HERE WE GO STEELERS….HERE WE GO!!!!!!

  3. Toby….Love it…hehehe! First off, you should know…I was the only one last week to get both picks on my pool right….I picked Steelers to win and I picked Seahawks to win…and they both did. I knew this was coming. I called it. Did you see my pics on my space? ….werent they great all black and gold? LOL! I love Football. This is bus\’ last year….we are taking this one home for him. He deserves to have this to retire with. You guys have a great team this year…bout time, and im sure you also feel they deserve this….so like I say…Any given sunday! And may the best team win…..and we all know thats the STEELERS baby! Oh and toby……I never lose my cool! Love ya!!~~~Boobie~~~

  4. T: I really haven\’t decided who I want to win because I like both teams. Hey, that comment from Travis didnt make any sense. He called Seahawk fans "SHIT", but then it turns out he is one! HUH?K.T.

  5. Oh…i forgot to answer your question…."I am hear to invite you over to my msn space and tell me WHY AND HOW YOU WILL BEAT THE HAWSK!!!!" Well its quite simple sweetie….Im not going to be playing the Hawsk……The steelers are….And They are going all the way! ~~Boobie~~

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