The clouds have parted, the planets have aligned…

The clouds have parted; the planets have aligned and haramony will reign.
Theis is the years of years in Seattle. I have never see the people here this happy and excited in a long-long time. It is difficult to explain the atmosphere when out and about. This is a good time to be a Seattle Seahawks Fan!! 99.9 KISW "The ROCK" and the Grant Winstrom (#96) Foundation have teamed up for a live on air auction, minimum bid 5k, to rich for me. It starts 1/26/06 @ 6:30 am, that’s tomorrow!! But they are also having a ROCK party at the Showbox so I may get down on that.
For some reason I have been on the war path ever since the Hawks won the NFC Championship game. But honestly I still can’t beleive the Hawks are getting any hype. Hmmmm, I guess that is always going to happen but for once we are the best team in football. Like it or not, the Seahawks have best record out of the two.
2005 Seahawk TEAM STATS                   US                them
Total First Downs 361 295
First Downs (Rushing-Passing) 142-192 78-194
Third Downs Conversions 76 89
Fourth Down Conversions 7 12
Total Offensive Yards 5915 5069
Offense (Plays-Average Yards) 1020-6 1041-5
Total Rushing Yards 2457 1510
Rushing (Plays-Average Yards) 519-5 420-4
Total Passing Yards 3458 3559
Passing (Comp-Att-Int-Avg) 307-474-10-7 331-571-16-6
Sacks 50 27
Field Goals 18 34
Touchdowns 54 23
(Rushing-Passing-Returns-Defensive) 29-25-0-3 5-18-1-0

 statistics from FOX Sports on January 25, 2006

We have a low 3rd & 4th down coversions but that is becuase we converted 66 more times than our opponents on first down. We hold their offense to more plays more play per drive to were the Seahawks march down field and scores. Seattle scored 31 more TDs than their oppenents. That is 217 points on the year which averages over 13 points per game. That time offensive power is what make the Seahawks such a power force. We allow field goals not touch downs.


Only a Team can put up consistent numbers aross the board. Those are impressive 🙂


Seahawks Average Team Rankings Steelers
6.5 Total Offense 12.5
18.4 Total Defense 11.5
8.4 Passing Offense 16.8
16.6 Passing Defense 12.1
5.0 Rushing Offense 9.7
6.5 Rushing Defense 4.8
11.3 Receiving Offense 18.3
24.8 Receiving Defense 15.0
21.0 Punting 25.7
24.5 Return 20.0
29.7 Kicking 22.3

If the Steelers can stop us from scoring they may have a chance on winning. But if they have to try to put up more offense points they will fall short. The Seahawks have the best red zone offense in the NFL.


Matt Ben
Team Hasselbeck Roethlisberger
Passing Yds (Rank) Seahawks Steelers
Passing Attempts 3459 ( 10) 2385 ( 21)
Pass Completion 449 ( 14) 268 ( 30)
% Pass Completion 294 ( 9) 168 ( 29)
Passing Yds/Attempt 65.5 ( 5) 62.7 ( 9)
Passing Touchdowns 7.70 ( 7) 8.90 ( 1)
% Passes Intercepted 24 ( 4) 17 ( 14)
NFL QB Rating 2.0 ( 5) 3.4 ( 21)
300 yd Passing Games 98.2 ( 4) 98.6 ( 3)
Avg. NFL Rank 1 ( 17) 1 ( 17)
  8.33 16.11



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2 thoughts on “The clouds have parted, the planets have aligned…

  1. So are you gonna get tickets to the superbowl? I doubt we will….looked on ebay…HOLY COW ppl are crazy! Im sure i cant afford to get tickets. It would be an awesome game to be sitting there watching. I suppose we will go to the bar….celebrate with all the ppl we\’ve watched them get this far with. Hope you have a wonderful day toby!~~~Boobie~~

  2. yeah…we are going to the bar….we feel so at home surrounded by all those steelers fans. Its a great place to be. It would be nice if I could go to the superbowl….but im sure that steeler fans will show up as well, we love to follow our team. Have a lovely day! GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!~~Boo~~

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