Seahawk Country

Every where I go right now it seems there seems to be one thing on people’s mind, Seahawks Football. In the land better know for its coffee, jets and software the Seattle Seahawks are making their mark upon history. It has been an amazing feeling which still continues and grows the closer we get to Feb 5. The match up looks good but from all of my research it looks as if the Steelers will have to put up at least 14 points to keep pace with our offense’s scoring.
Even though the Steelers have a top rated defense I don’t think it will be enough to stop us. Hasselbeck has a range of options to choose from when calling and making the play. In the back field we have Max Strong and Shaun Alexander ready to pound the football and in the recieving we have Jackson, Ingram, Jurevicius, Hackett and even Senaca Wallace and no team would be complete with out mentioning the dangers of Jeremy Stevens at tight end and the great work done all year by our offense line!!
So if the Steelers can stop anyone of the combinations in which we have used all year then they might have a chance but my doubts are low. The only team that matters is the Seattle Seahawks.
Now when I watch TV or look online all I see is the hype around the Steelers, don’t get me wrong they are a good team, just not good enough to beat us.
This 12th Man will yelling at the TV everytime the Roethlisberger touches the football and everytime they line up on the line of scrimage.
Please let some comments in favor of the HAWKS or Steelers, they are always welcome here.

5 thoughts on “Seahawk Country

  1. Go Hawks!
    The Steelers beat some tough teams to be sure, but they haven\’t seen anything like the team the Seahawks will put on the field on February 5.  This is the year of Seattle, baby!

  2. Sorry, Toby and Seattleite, but the Steelers HAVE seen three teams like the Seahawks – and they beat them all in the playoffs, and they did so pretty convincingly if I do say so myself. The talent in the NFC just doesn\’t compare to the talent in the AFC.
    It\’s going to be a great game, don\’t get me wrong. But in the end, Seattle will be dominated by the Steel Curtain and Big Ben and his offense will pull out another great running and passing game.
    Bring on the Bowl!

  3. Toby honey..thanks for the update on your achievements…i loved it! I blogged you and debbies new found stardom….come by check it out. And dont forget…its all in the name of football…Yeah! Steelers football that is…hehe! love you hon!~~Boobie~~

  4. The Hawks better watch out.  The last estimate from the burgh is that 30,000 of us are packed and ready to help our extended family carry home the trophy and that is just the members without tickets.  My advice is to stay off of the Ohio Turnpike next Saturday.

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