One Week To Go…

One week to go before Superbowl Sunday. Brian and I were going to go down to Quest Field this morning and see the team off before their journey to Detroit. But last night Brian’s son came down with a cough and thought it wiser to stay home. It is raining out, which doesn’t bother me, and no place for a coughing kid. Get better Riley.
To all my new friends at FOX Sports I would like to thank them for featuring this Hawk’s House on their homepage, What possessed them I will never know.
In addition to this I may, keyworkd "may", be featured on MSN Spaces What’s Your Story page as well. Go Seahawks!! If it happens that would be pretty sweet especially being Super Bowl Week. Annyhoo well see how it all plays out.
A friend and I are were chatting yesturday about going to the Super Bowl one year. But tickets and travel are so expsensive or is it? So here is the plan as it sits.
Super Bowl Action Plan
January 29, 2006
The three major areas which have to be taken into account are tickets, travel and lodging.
Tickets: This is the major cost in the plan. I have seen tickets going for over 5k. Now I wouldn’t like to pay that much but it maybe unavoidable exspense in which you have to incur so you can get to the game.
Travel and Lodging: Combining these two items will save us a bunch of money. Rent a 25-35′ UHaul truck, depending on how many of you are going. Now Retro fit the inside with everything that can be used from the garage. BBQ, cots, Blankets, coolers, waterjugs, propane and all the food necessities, but those can be purchase at the destitation site. Splitting the cost of the UHaul, supplies and gas you can now get transportation for around $250. Lot better than a bunch of airline tickets.
Upon arriving at the Super Bowl, a few days in advanced is preffered, find a nice parking space in which the truck will be safe from parking tickets and that’s is strategically position for the tail-gate-party. If your worried about showering becuase there is always a YMCA or similiar place in which to get a shower for a few bucks.
Now with travel and lodging being killed with one stone the Super Bowl costs go so down and makes it affordable not to mention Mega fun. If it were possible this year for me I would get my butt out of here and over to Detroit. Supporting the best team in football, The Seattle Seahawks.
Got plans? Share them here in a post or email me and I will feature them after the Super Bowl.
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5 thoughts on “One Week To Go…

  1. One week to go till SEATTLE destroys PITTSBURGH and i can,t wait i hope seattle mutilates the steelers because they beat my BRONCOS SO GO SEAHAWKS DESTROY PITTSBURGH.

  2. Hi…and dang you and the news….hehe! I think its great that your getting the attention. Hope your having a great Monday….and that it doesnt rain too much for you this week……I dont want your tears to be mistaken for rain…hahaha!~~Boobie~~

  3. Look what i found hon!
    Seahawks Arrive To Steelers Fans
    The seattle seahawks arrived in Detroit a day ahead of Pittssburgh. They were basically welcomed by a sea of black and gold, the city seems to be leaning Pittsburgh\’s way!
    Allegedly, even shaun Alexander\’s best friend is a Steeler\’s fan!

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