5 days left and counting…

5 days left and counting and all I hear is the same old lines and statements about the Seahawks. The haters out there, you know who you are, need to come up with some better material. Seahawks are going to loose, the Bus is going to back to Detroit and so on and so on. Everybody is from somewhere so it doesn’t seem to big a deal to be heading home or a place once called home. The Hawks have never been to the bowl and to me that is a way more exciting thing to get behind than just going to a place once called home.


I still would like to see the stats that the people are using to give the Steelers the win. Everything statistic I have come across and analyzed says the Hawks are a minimum of a 7-10 point favorites.


I saw on Debbie’s space that is fact that the AFC is a better conference the NFC.


"However, Pittsburgh fans…seem to rely on the facts to make their points (Steelers defense will win the game, the AFC conference is stronger than the NFC, etc)"


Fact, how is the world is that fact? It is an opinionated statement and nothing more…sorry but try again J


Already the big plans are being made for Super Bowl XL, XL because you fit our Pro Bowlers, MVPs and Rookies of the Year in it. We are throwing a party at Mike’s house with all the boys coming and all our Sea Gals J Anybody who has laid eyes upon a Sea Gal knows exactly what I am talking about. There will be Super XL Nachos made, plenty of drink at hand, the BBQ fired up, and everyone wearing a sea of blue.


I also seen that the Seahawks where welcomed to Detroit by a see of Gold and Black. I don’t know about you but where I come from the seas are BLUE & GREEN.


So the Steelers are going to wear there White jerseys….oooooooo….I am thoroughly shaking. Actually I find it tad amusing. The last time they won a Super Bowl they were wearing those so that leaves the Seahawks to wear the Metallic Blue. Those are our home colors and we are 10-0 at home. So who has the advantage when it comes to attire? I think we might, hehehe.


I have received a few email from people some good and some unreadable. The grammar was so bad I had no idea what they were saying, they were Steelers fans go figure 😛


Well I will leave it that for today. Hope everyone is well and has a great week.




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