3 days until the Big Game…

3 days until the Big Game and I can hardly stand the excitement. The radio has been annoucing Super Bowl ticket giveaways and my Seattle Times has been full of Seahawks special pages. Now I know what it is like to have a team going to the Big One!! Last week my Hawks Haven was featured on Fox Sports’ homepage and now this week the What’s Your Story. I am starting to believe the planets have aligned and haramony will reign 🙂
The talk continues and I get frequent emials for Seahawks Supports and the other people sharing experiences and support and non support alike. I have been posting some things I have recieved. The 2 jokes in the previous post plus the current image came from Jake. I recieved 5 different variations of joke 1 😛 It is popular in the email curcuit.
Send me Something, goingbigger@hotmail.com, or are you skerred, just dont send a virus 😛
In the Times there was a image of Seattle of long ago with the Kingdome and the few sky scrapers we had. Starbucks had 1 store, now 10k+, Microsoft was a year old and now look @ where we are.
Things have changed but our love for our team has not. Did you know the Seahawks used to be called the Seattle NoNames? The owners couldn’t agree on a name but they believed it should represent the Northwest, symbolize Seattle and etc. So to come up with a name they held a contest to name the team. Quite amazing and it really demostrates what type of role our sport teams have played. Even though we haven’t had a stellar team for some time it doesn’t mean we care anyless than a city with a lot of titles.
We live in a great city with a diverse popluation. Seattle is one great place to live in my book. I live a few miles from Sea-Town and grew up 30 miles away but it is truely the Emerald City.
I wouldn’t change anything about the Great Northwest because we have everything a great places need. From the Sea to the Mountains and everything in between you can’t find a more attrative state.

5 thoughts on “3 days until the Big Game…

  1. Let\’s Go SEAHAWKS!!!! This Sunday is the day the hawks will fly to glory!!! Great job on the space and being on the best of spaces!

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