Talking about Protests over Islam cartoons escalate worldwide – Europe –

 Will the moronic actions ever end?

In democratci countries vitually everything is open for criticism, redicule or slander and religion is no different. Since the printing and reprinting of cartoons about the Islamic faith the Muslims community is in a uproar, view them here. These images are being called blashphomy and are being protested around the world.

Protest away that is fine and dandy but where the Muslim community does poorly is their reaction. Once the images came out the reactions were sudden and full of anger. Abductions, violence and the burning of flags was part their plan to get it to end. But don’t the people, extremist and any other Muslim who takes part in these actions see where this view of their culture and religion comes from?

Reacting with violence when ever the religion is made fun of or looked at from the outside in a different light is a self defeating prophosey. It is time to grow up and quit acting like your five when getting teased.

The Muslim/Islamic community is destroying their own image. If they don’t want everyone to think their religion is hateful then quite doing hateful actions to others when people or groups say stuff or draw cartoons about your religion.

Their are cartoons for crying out loud and if you want to be accpeted in the democratic community you have to be civil.


It reminds me of a saying…

"Can’t we all just get along?"


Protests over Islam cartoons escalate worldwide – Europe –

2 thoughts on “Talking about Protests over Islam cartoons escalate worldwide – Europe –

  1. It happens that Islam has a very strict prohibition agains protrayal of prophets or humans of any kind as \’graven images\’.  Many devout Muslims become very upset it someone attempts to photograph them.  The cartoon aspect is only a part of it – it is niot \’just a cartoon\’.  I find myself equally astonished at people getting violent because someone ELSE is aborting a baby, or getting all uptight because a city does or doesn\’t call its Christmas tree a Christmas tree.  The purpose of religion is usually to dress funny (at least a funny hat) and denounce people who don\’t agree with you.  It is comedy, I just enjoy it – sort of like football.  Probably the most attention Denmark has gotten in a hundred years.  Let them have their moment in the – er – sun.

  2. Here is all i have to say, and it is somehow fitting that I was (casually) reading the Antiquities of the Jews by Josephus Flavius, from the time of Jerusalem\’s destruction circa 70 a.d.
    In book 20, chapter 5, he tells of an event at Passover where a Roman soldier bared himself in or near the temple and farted, I believe, to incite the crowds…and incite the crowds he did. 
    Passover, from what I have read, was a yearly time of worry for the Roman overlords and their Herodian patrons.  Insurrection was always a breath away…the climate was ripe for extremist groups, and Josephus tells of the clashes in brevity, between the natives and their rulers, the Herodians, and the problems the Herodians were in constantly due to their lack of popularity (understatement?).
    One must also consider the textual integrity of this work, though it does seem to contain a largely comprehensive and coherent summary of events surrounding the earthly life of Christ.  Riots in the name of religion, between sects and between cultures are not new to the human race.
    Some people talk of \’end times\’ and I would only add to this that, signs might indicate it or something similar…I was riding on a bike trail in Savanna, IL last summer and saw that the water in the streams and ponds was truly unfit for human consumption, if and when a survivalist need arose…this only leads one to consider looting and such social anarchy as likely, and likely to be anticipated, suppressed, etc. in case of an emergency…I went so far as to stockpile water, though my girlfriend thought i was crazy…now I see commercials and more of an awareness for the need and think, well, if all of these bozos are going to survive along with me, maybe I\’ll opt out for plan b and bite the bullet
    okay, so, this is not new and really overlaps/parallels the origins of the crucible that created Christianity from Judaism…and i don\’t even know what to think, but all signs point to something beyond man\’s control–the more one tries, the more elusive it becomes, and potentially destructive.

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