Not to happy to today…

Not to happy to today but we gave it a heck of a run. The season was fun and the 7 games I went to were all worth while. I have been getting a lot of "i told you so" comments which is expected but right now it feels like salt in a wound.
I could go on and on about the refs becuase they did a pretty poor job. Roethlisbuger’s TD wasnt even over the goal line, offensive pass interfence when we got a TD and so on and so on. I have no clue where the got their ref license, cracker jax box, but it should be revoked!
So football is over and the normalcy of life can resume. I have been online this morning working on a web pages with no enthusiasim but I that will change through out the week I hope 😛
This is were I end it for today…back to work I go and try to make a few bucks before the lights go out and all is dark for enternity.

6 thoughts on “Not to happy to today…

  1. Hey, sorry about your loss, you guys deserved it as much as the steelers.  I am actually an Eagles fan and I lost my momentum after our 4th lost, but I had to go with one team at the end, even if I had nothing to do with them, so my spacer friend Crissy convinced me to go with the steelers, but I kind of wanted the Seattle team to win because steelers fans are so full of theirselves, (just like eagles fans!)
    anyway… congrat, you made it to the msn honor page… nice website. I like the spirit and I love NFL.
    come check me out one day…=)

  2. The refs took 14 points off the board.  I am praying that Holmgren and Allen raise cain and get theose jerks fired.  The Steelers lost the game 21-24.  That was the crappiest officiating job I\’ve seen in a long time.  2 unflagged offsides, calling a chop block on a tackle, calling a non existant hold …….
    I feel let down.  Not because the Hawks lost, because they didn\’t, but because the officials took the game away from them.

  3. Ben played his worst game of the year in the Super Bowl but his teamates rallied and won without him. The Seahawks made a lot of mistakes and the refs made one too. The offensive interference was interference (it\’s illegal to push off a defender to catch a ball) and Ben broke the plane of the end zone. Give the Steelers some credit and quit whining. 

  4. i agree with you about the \’hawks getting robbed yesterday.  the better team DID NOT win, I don\’t think…
    by the way, congrats on your selection to Best of MSN SPaces from Yours Truly, a Best of blah, blah, blah myself!

  5. I am so hurt I really wanted the seahawks to win win win
    two bad calls by the Zebras   there is always next year but that is no excuse  
    do Zebras taste like chicken?

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