Super Bowl Refs did a poor…

Not happy with the refs that judge the Super Bowl XL? Send the NFL an email, whats this? They don’t take emials? OMG, they are still in the stone age like the refs in the game. Those dudes needed glasses, cuz OMG that was terrible. I did find a number to call if you wish to make your voice heard.
NFL : (212) 450-2000
  or send it snal mail
280 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017

If you seen the stats the Hawks put up the numbers. Pittsburg had a terrible game except for a few great plays. Steelers suck still and that won’t change. They caught a break with some bad calls becuase two calls where that have swung the game 14 points.
Go Seahawks: I am proud of you guys!! You took us where we have never been before. I seen the returning home speaches on King 5 with Coach Holmgren and the team. I will continue to wear my colors because some people out there just bleed blue and green.
Well now that football is over I can get b ack into winter. I have been to the mountains a measley 3 times but not complaining. On my first and second trip this year the mountain was close. It was a bummer but they were grooming the runs. With the lights on and the snow park open we proceeded to get a few jumps & turns in. I havent hiked in a while so it was kind of fun and it was free. 🙂
Turino finally here and Friday night the 2006 Winter Olympics with be aired on NBC. They have complete coverage and I will rooting for Team USA. I took  a break and when through to set up alerts. Their website is really good and tons of information. I set up alerts on all my fav events and team members.
Go Bode Go Apollo
Bode did a interview a few months back and he shared his skiing drunk stories. Join his GO NIKE website. View Apollo Ohno Dad’s blog.
If you can read Italian here is the Turino homepage. I don’t know about you but my forgein language is a rusty. Anyhoo i am to look through Bode’s site. It has crazy videos and sweet graphics.

6 thoughts on “Super Bowl Refs did a poor…

  1. I was shocked at how the refs  did. Especially the call on the touchdown Steelers "supposely" made. I saw no part of the ball touch the white line. I saw a player push the ball from under his tummy.  I agree, the refs need glasses. I saw alot of that the refs missed. Oh well. Seahawks still did good. We always have next year. Have a good one

  2. DrKrbyLuv,
       Go back to playing with Barbies. Your stinking up a cool webpage.
    SEAHAWKS FANS= Kick Ass!
    YOU = Suck Ass!

  3. Ok, let\’s be realistic….
    Alleged bad calls
     NO. 1. Plane and simple did the reciever push off. Did he iniciate contact downfield, did his fully extended harm happend directly in front of the referee? The answer to all this is YES. Does offensive pass interference get called alot? No not really, but in the SB in front of the Ref, to score a TD in a big game…you have to call that. So the Seahawks got 3 points out of the deal, so the 14 point swing alleged is not accurate it would only be 11.
    NO. 2. Big Ben into the endzone. Was he in? it was close it appeared to me that it was over my a hair, the instant replay confirmed. It was third down, so even if he didn\’t make it in do you think a QB sneak on the one inch line would have been unsuccessful or a drive in by the bus on 4th down. They would have scored regardless, so even it Pitt would have decided to kick a FG on 4th down your allegged "now 11 point spread"  turns into 9" The score was 21-10…Now where is your arguement????
    Bottom line The steelers were screwed in Indy regarding the Palamalu INT. Did they overcome? Yes. If you are a championship team then a few questionable calls by the refs shouldn\’t effect the final outcome of the game. You should be able to overcome and adapt, not cry…

  4. Toby…stats? is that what your holding onto…well stop. What matters is the score. Stop whining about the refs, you sound like a baby over here..on and on…come read my blog. Its football and it shouldnt be the end of the world for seattle fans who had for once a team they could respect, dont cloud it all up with the whining!

  5. Oh and I heard the 12 man is getting the seahawks in trouble, that was patened and they stole it…so now they have to pay.

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