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The comments of late have poised me to drastic actions over here. Some comment have been inappropaite and were removed to protect the viewers from stupid behavior.
So the Seahawks are crying? I havent heard any of the sorts in Seattle. We have been supporting our team and the great job they did all year long.
But Steeler fans if you want to see who is speaking you don’t have to look any further than Fox Sports. Also did you see Roethlisburger on Letterman? If you didn’t let me update you.
"I told Coach, ‘I don’t think I got in,’" Roethlisberger told Letterman, read full article.
I could go on and on about who is talking about the poor job the refs did but I recommend reading the news. Don’t believe me? Go research it. Anyways I have no love for the Steelers or any other football in the NFL except for my beloved Seattle Seahawks.
So if want post here keep it clean, okay, drluv, who ever you are. If you would like a return comment then leave track back info, coward.
Anyways it is onto Bigger things.

7 thoughts on “This site is not for…

  1. To be honest, toby…I feel your pain.  Remember, the Colts got their asses handed to them too. 
    Personally, I didn\’t think either team played their best.  There were a lot of dropped passes by the Seahawks and a lot of missed tackles by the Steelers.  I was overall unimpressed with two "championship" teams that day and was wishing my men in blue and white were there instead.  But, we don\’t always get what we want…
    And, as always…there is always next year…blah blah blah.  Unfortunately, refs do play a large role, but I think all in all it could have been a much better PLAYED game.
    I\’m not sorry the Seahawks lost (because I love my AFC and Erich, of course) but I wish it had been a better game with less referee interference.
    Go Colts. 🙂

  2. It\’ll be alright, toby…sleep it off…on to the Winter Games like you said (probablly your second favorite time of year)…mine is NCAA Final Four…and it\’s in Indy this year! Sweet!

  3. No disrespect or hate mail was intended. If it was taken that way, then I\’m truely sorry. I was just stating my opinion and the last thing I wanted to see is an asterix for Super Bowl 40. It\’s bad for all parties involved, and it takes away from the 4 road game streak the Steelers accomplished. Which irritated me, not only Sunday night from my friends who had money on the game, but by reading/listening to the media. The Seahawks were the chinderella team of 05\’ and next year with Holgrem at the helm should be back.
    Sometimes teams get breaks, and sometimes they don\’t, but I have to believe in the spirit of the NFL those Refs didn\’t go into the game deciding to screw the Seahawks. If that turns out to be the case they I will no longer be a fan of the NFL and then a piece of me will die. So I have to believe the Refs made the right calls. We all do….

  4. The country is divided into 32 sets of fans.  31 of those sets believe that the Seahawks got screwed.  It is understandable that the Steeler fans want to support their team and claim the victory.  Name calling is not how you support your team.
    Personally I believe that the Refs took 14 Seattle points off the board.  If you agree with the offensive pass interference call then 7 points.  In either case, how the game played out would have been differant, had either of those calls not been made.  Getting those points back would not have guranteed a Seattle win.  It would have altered the course of the game and, more importantly let the players and coaches decide the outcome.
    We all want the same thing.  A close game, and a clear winner.  We got the first part.  We didn\’t get the second.  There will always be a great deal of debate over this game.  During this playoff season there were a great number of bad calls.  It is my hope that the NFL recognizes that the refs greatly influenced the course of the game and take corrective steps.

  5. I\’m sorry you feel the way you do.  I belong to and in their Steelers groups Seahawks fan after Seahawks fan came in and complained.  I won\’t say crying, but it was close enough.  I\’ve seen articles where people claimed bad officiating, but have you seen the article where the NFL backs up their refs.  Yes, Ben Roethlisberger said that on Letterman, but have you seen the picture proving the ball crossed the line?  I live and breath for no other team in the NFL, but the Steelers.  However, I\’m fair.  The game was won fair and square.  The Seahawks had some bad plays, the Steelers made some big ones.  You want to go on claiming bad officiating like it would have actually helped your team.  Your own QB said that the outcome would have been the same.  (If you want me to find the article that that came from then email me I\’ll go through the trouble, but it is true enough.)  In the end my team proved to be better than yours. 

  6. Hey Toby!
    Just wanted to say congrats to your Seahawks for a great season! I\’m not gonna say the Seahawks sucked like you said below about my Steelers because they played a fairly good game and had a great season.
    The main reasons your Seahawks lost was because of the following:
    They dropped lots of passes and failed to stay in bounds on a few catches, that was just poor concentration.
    They also got beat on 4 big plays on defense and their clock management was horrible.
    I think the biggest failure was with the kicking game, 5 touchbacks on punts and 2 missed fieldgoals.
      There were a few calls I didn\’t understand like Hasselbeck called for a personal foul after the interception, that same thing happened to The Steelers earlier in the year against Indy on MNF.
      The timeout call was wrong too, the play clock clearly had expired. The pass interference could have gone either way and after seeing the Roethlisberger TD the refs got that right.
    I do agree that something has to be done about the way plays are reviewed. It seems to me ever since replay was implemented the refs don\’t trust their own judgement and look to the replays to validate or correct calls.
    I can see your passionate about your team and I commend you for that! There\’s 30 other teams out there that would love to have fans like you. (I\’m not including the Steelers because 95% of our fans are like you!)
    Hopefully we can do it all over again in Miami in Superbowl XLI!
    Have fun on the slopes! I loved Seattle when I vacationed there! So much to do in the area! I\’m sure I\’ll return soon for some sea kayaking, whale watching, hiking and biking soon!
    Bob – Pittsburgh

  7. Someone should count how many balls the Steelers dropped.  Hahah the Steelers won.. but that is ALL anyone can say about that.  They had NO more talent, atleast none that they displayed at the Super Bowl.  Whatever Steeler fans may say, everyone else supported the Seahawks.  They played superbly in the beginning.. not so well at the end.  The Steelers were unspectacular throughout.  Finally.. even Steelers fans admit the officiating was less than stellar.  I\’m glad that is recognized.  I don\’t believe many of us Seahawks fans are "crying" about anything!! 
    Toby, you know sports teams BUY their team members.  It\’s never about a team of rag-muffins put together by an excellent and inspiring coach–that\’s high school sports.  However, I think the Seahawks this year were an inspiration.  They made it to the Super Bowl for the first time!  I don\’t care a wit about the Steelers… like I said, UNSPECTACULAR.  The Seahawks were still the heroes of the Northwest!
    As for the Steelers CRYING about Seahawks fans "name-calling"… your fans were bashing on the Seahawks before they even made it to the game.  I read one person dissing on the city of Seattle–how that is possible, I dont not know.  Seattle is gorgeous!  SO shut the hell up!  It\’s over.

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