Last Wednesday…

Last Wednesday Chris and I went riding up at Stevens Pass. It was a hoot and a half. The mountain was closed but the stars and moon were out so we hiked the Brooks and up into the snow park. It gave us the much need time to practice rail riding. Were both novices on rails, he boards & I ski, and never had the opportunity to stay parked on a rail. By 11:30 Chris could ride up the turn sideways and ride the full rail, he was doing a flat box rail, and I could almost ride a kinked box rail sideways but I kept on biting it at the very end, my exists where shaky.


It was so much fun. Chris brought his video camera so we took some evening footage of our adventure. That is the third time this year we have had to hiked for turns. Two weeks ago we actually paid to go skiing and I’ll tell you what, the lifts were nice to ride J. Now I am looking forward to the end of the month, WHISTLER BLACKCOMB or Bust!!


Another college buddy and all his friends that are heading up there and I got bum in and sleep on the floor of the cabin.. The cabin is very nice,, and should have enough room for me to crawl up by the fire place 😛 It also has a hot tub which looks out to Whistler so maybe I can meet some hottie!! I am stoked because Blackcomb keeps the halfpipe lit up so it can be road all night. It is in the Nintendo Terrain Park which is one of the best in the world. Can’t wait to test myself.


“Go Big or Go Home”


This training is going to pay off and my workout still remains closely to what I posted awhile back. The 5 day workout is intense but when worth it.


If you haven’t seen it yet go to That is Bode Miller’s website and boy-o-boy is it cool. I would like to have a website like that. I think it was done in flash and has tons of videos, Bode on training, Bode on motivation, Bode on Boozing and so many more. I have been through most of the videos but there is some other stuff I have yet to try out. He has my support for all his events, so does the rest of Team U.S.A., and I can’t wait to see his aggressive, on the F***ing edge style of skiing.


Complete Coverage the 2006 Winter Olympics


These Olympics is there is much to watch and look for. There is a new scoring system for ice skating due to the scandal that arose in Salt Lake. The Canadian team did a phenomenal performance but for how great it was they were awarded second place. That spurred a probe in the judging and the scandal was exposed. After that the Canadian team were awarded a gold and the Russian team, who the scandal favored, was allowed to keep theirs. The new scoring system was designed to give more weight to other parts of the routine instead of a few fundamentals allowing skaters that do have errors the opportunity to still be able to score in the medals. That Canadian Team will not be competing in Turino.


Apollo Ohno is an athlete to watch in the speed skating events along with many others. It is amazing how fast those guys and gals can go with such grace and power. The Winter Olympics is so much fun to watch and in 2010 it is Whistler!! It is only 4 hours from my house J I will so be going to watch you can count on it.


Sleeping in a car, scrounging money for tickets and eating out of gut trucks I will have the time of my life. So if you have heard already “Go Big or Go Home”. Hahah I love saying that. Anyhoo Take care and





7 thoughts on “Last Wednesday…

  1. Hello and thanks for stopping by the corral. Great space you have and I like the Seahawks too! Too bad the officials ruined the game. Have a great one bud.

  2. hey there toby..wanted to come tell you Happy Valentines Day since i wont be working tomorrow better get my wishing done today! Hope its a great day for you!*Hugs*~~Boobie~~

  3. I have been watching the snowboarders and skiers and it is amazing..although I\’m not a huge fan of snow and have never been snow skiing in my life, I really appreciate watching…BUT, I\’m not jealous of anyone who can do it…that\’s what WATER and HOT WARM SUMMERS are for …in my opinion…I\’ll just stick with those extreme sports and WATCH the Olympics and live vicariously (but I get goosebumps…boo!)

  4. Hi there,
    Sorry my visits have been few!
    Life has been hectic.
    As well I was having some issues with the space but everything seems okay for now. Some featured poets were not replying and I had to make some changes to the writers list as well. I think everything is back in working order and I hope to see you around the corner soon!
    Ciao for now =D
    Sorry for the generic but I have many people to see….
    Forgive me…? HaHaHa

  5. hey toby! Dont worry…I got mine! it started Monday night when he came home from work! Just came to say Happy Hump Day to you….and i dont think i want any today……..Mark those words..they\’ve never left my mouth b4..teehee!!!~~Boobie~~

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