Just keep thinking…

Just keep thinking marketing, marketing and marketing well at least that is what i am trying to do. The real estate biz isn’t the hottest for buyers due to high real estate prices. I have been huslting our website like it was some cheap date and starting to do it to our others one. The SEO stratgies I have implemented are working wonders but the agent in our office who is benefiting from the SEO is a property manager. A few of our other agents are starting to utilize the power of the web but with different means than the company website. They are, as well as I, purchased websites for neighborhoods in our sphere of influence.
It is a great strategy for a few reasons
  • No other company is doing it
  • Increases our web exposure
  • Aligns with our marketing niche
  • Creates a spiderweb affect through other websites

I apologize for that tanget but there you have it. I am hoping, since a few of our agents purchased websites, that they will get involved fully online and dominate that advertising medium over the other more traditional methods.

There are a few agents whom I battle with in Search Engine rankings for our local keywords but no companies are there. That is a major difference and the level of exposure which can be generated for a company means more regular visitors, new daily visitors and in-bound links because we are a company and not an individual.

That is my bet anyways.

So througha  few website i trying grow this spider web. From the links at the top of the page anyone can probably tell that 🙂 Shameless advertising, i heard it one day and it is totally true. If I don’t do it who will?


Next friday I leave for Whistler to GO BIG, yes you guess it, SUPER PIPE TIME, I am going to try my luck in the Nintendo Terrain Park.

Crap, work just came up…gotta run and make some loot


"If it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense."


5 thoughts on “Just keep thinking…

  1. Hello toby! Happy Friday! Is it 5:00 yet? Im so ready to get the weekend started. Hope your newfound methods help you make lots o cash! Have a lovely weekend…and dont get hurt going all big! hehe!~~Boobie~~


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  3. Hi there,
    I am just exploring the spaces world, and trying to promote my new space. I am looking for men & women to link in my God/Godess lists, and would much appreciate getting as many to link my space as possible = ) No pressure though, I just dont know where to begin with site traffic!  So, the more the merrier! If ya dont mind my linking you up come by and let me know!
    xo Åphrøðítê xo

  4. Hi there!! We have posted an event for St.Pattys Day, and as  a listed member of the S.O.S space you are one of the first to find out!! Come on over and join in on the fun!!! Its gonna be a fun one!!
    Hope to see ya there!!
    The Desk of The Sexy VP\’s

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