This weekend will be…

This weekend will be off the charts. Whistler Blackcomb is the premeir ski destination in the world or at least that is what most reports say. The last time I was there I was 19 and just wanted to booze it up. Now that I am older and wiser, can i call bs on myself?, I should be able to refrain from the 2 am drunkness and the stumble walk home but for some reason I doubt that will happen.
One of the things that is getting me stoked is the half pipe is kept open in the evenings. The time to go big never ends and must continue as long as I am able to be on the mountain.
Work has been getting busier, which is a bonus, and it is starting to get exciting the closer spring gets. Being self-employed has its ups and downs. The pros are you can show up when you want, work how late you want and have totaly freedom on how you conduct your business. But the down side is you don’t get paid if you don’t hustle it.
A buddy had the ingenious idea to create a msn space for our business website. With some work it could actually a great form of advertising for minimum dollars or no dollars for that matter. I wonder how it would work. If anyone wishes to check it out, remember it is brand new, visit TW Resource Group Space @ It will be fun working on a new site but finding the time is a totally another story.
Some of my Spaces Friends opperate multiple sites and i don’t know where they find the time. I love comments but lately I have been horrible on returning or venturing out and meeting new friends. Sorry to all the hotties and dudes in which I have had the pleasure of meeting…YOU f***IN RULE.
As the weekend approaches I get more excited but I have meetings tonight to get through first. Hope all is well in your world,
Your friend in time,

One thought on “This weekend will be…

  1. I know whatcha mean.  I get paid per patient visit which means I totally set my own schedule (well, patient preference has something to do with it), but if I don\’t work no money.  I just signed for my first house so  I am trying to hustle it right now.  Have this weekend!  Gotta try that skiing one of these days.

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