The scrafice has begun…

The scrafice has begun and I am loving every moment of it. So far the skis, boots, poles tec are packed and just waiting on the laundry to get done before I meet up with Jason, a college buddy. This time has been long in the waiting, well since December, and as each day has approaced I couldn’t help but smile. The last time I skied Whislter Blackcomb was in ’97. Being 19, all i wanted to do was booze and ski and i am glad to see that nothing has changed.
So I alluded to a scrafice in the title, well if you have visited here before then you may not know what I am talking about. Well for anytime I am thinking about skiing and being the snow I sacrifice a 6 pack. <cheers>. So at this very moment I am boozin on some budwiezer. Don’t tell the King though becuase he banned Bud on one of his rules. Go drop him a line at If I Were King. Needless to say the begins here!!
Tons of picts are going to be take of the goingbig-ness and should be up some after i get back. There will be NO Blogging during this trip becuase there will be no time. Between Skiing, Boozin, Looking for the Smokin Ski Bunny, oooo i just like the way that sounds, and eating, to hell with sleep 🙂 we are going SKIING.
Work has been going real well. Business is picking up and our team is so fired up to see new marketing tatcis unfold and recent increase in PR for our sites has be pumped about internet presence. SEO is a fun topic if you like to operatea personal or biz blog, website for profit on non or like to post pics and share with friends. I have been studying it in depth for a year and half. The down side is that it that it takes a lot of time to build your different linking strategies and content base. But you can watch in increase over time fast than any other marketing strategy deployed by a company/organization.
If you are interested go check out the links at the top of my site under the Website Opitmization category. There are tools you can to ping your site, submits your site to data aggrigators (sites that run RSS & XML feeds), SEO webmast sites and blogs to learn marketing techniques and what the latest search engine trends are.
I have been wanting to finally catorgize my blog entries but I have been blogging since apr 05. Mostly to organize all my Seattle Seahawk Blogs. Our team had a exciting season and after going to all those game, see my photo album for past games pics, and I would like to build a tri-bute page to them. So no fear that is a WIP, work in progress, and will be listed at the top of the page.
Tons of things are happening and I can’t wait to read about all yours. Take care and have most excellent adventures.
Your friend in Time,

2 thoughts on “The scrafice has begun…

  1. Hey Toby,
    Great song choice! I havent listened to it in a long time! I\’m going to have to download it! THANX for the kind of…sort of reminder! =D Just for that I\’ll give you an e-flash….
    (o)(o) HaHaHa
    Ciao for now….

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