Friday morning our adventure…

Friday morning our adventure began but it took it a while to get going. We left Fremont around 11:30 am and put the hammer down all the way to the boarder. After getting some duty free booze, my selection was Captain Morgan’s Private Stock, and stogies we made it through the board crossing with ease. Crossing the boarder always helps when your not a criminal or planning to commit crimes.


We arrived in Whistler Blackcomb, picked up the keys to the cabin and unloaded and got settled in. The rest of our party showed up shortly thereafter which put the grand total of people to a whopping 19. What a way to spend a ski trip.


Friday night we started boozing in the hot tub before we hit the village. Our first stop the Irish Pub House! The beer was cold, the good was great and the waitress were smoking in their little plaid skirts, oo la laaa. We stumbled back to the cabin and commenced to get more faded and it went on late into the evening.


Getting up early Saturday was tough but we did it. Riding on a few hours of sleep we strapped on our gear and made our way to Blackcomb for some nice smooth warm up riding. The visibility was excellent and snow was decent so we made our way to the top of the bowl for our first run.


Now riding with a bunch of people I didn’t know had me a little tense and just was quite in my zone if you know what I mean. We headed down the bowl and I thought I was doing great, the ground showed signs of flattening out, when exiting the bowl, so I turned on the speed and started bombin. Well there was a sharp incline in which I couldn’t see until I was a dew feet from it and not be able to anything because of the speed in which I was moving I hit it as full force. I got blown up all over the run. Hitting the ground in the lazy boy position, I thought I fractured my tail bone, lucky I didn’t and just couldn’t sit the rest of the day, and smacked the back of my head on the hard pack ice. I had my helmet on so once again I lucked out from serious injury.


We road the rest of the day but I could not find my grove. Did someone steal my Mojo? It sure felt like it. Well our big group ended up splitting up and I took a solo run to the lodge for lunch and hydration.


Everyone was beat when they showed up at the lodge and ended up heading back the cabin. I stayed out and worked on my form and getting my mind into exactly what I was doing. It worked! I had my mojo at the end of the day and what do you know it started to snow.


It snowed long into the evening and was piling up rapidly for Sunday’s ride. I got home, got cleaned up and headed out for a massive steak dinner. Everyone else wanted to booze but I needed nutrients in the body to keep going. I came back after dinner and started drinking with everyone and then we all headed out to the town for what ever might happen.


Since we were with a lot of couple three of us single guys didn’t want to go to a quite place and drink but instead we headed to the Savage Beagle to dance, meet the ladies and tear it up!! I haven’t danced like that in while, you the know the kind where your sweaty form head to toe and the ladies are ridin all up in your business, yeaaaaaa, that is the ticket!!


Getting home around 2am we immediately passed out and by this time it is still snowing. So now it has been snowing for around 10 hours and sticking and when we woke up in the morning there was a fresh 10 inches and it was still snowing. This is what we dreamed of.


This time we jumped onto Whistler and road the gondola up to the top and dropped in the deepest, freshest snow I have ever road in my whole life. It was crazy business on how much snow was there. So did some cadillac style runs before we headed to the left side of the mountain for the steep & deep. My mojo was in full effect and I commenced to paint my best runs ever on the canvas of the mountain.


Double Black Diamonds? Not a problem, all the training and mental preparation had me dialed the F*** in. The snow would rush over your head when you carved a deep turn and my soul yearned for more and more!! There wasn’t to many jump out because the amount of snow which the mountains were receiving but the drop were nice and soft. We road the left side of Whistler to about the 2 o’clock and starting making our way back to the gondola but when we go there the chair that serviced the top of the mountain was running.

So for our last run of the day we headed to what one friend dubbed “Mordor” because of the cliffs, wind and the shear spookyness of riding a chair lift up the F***ing mountain to the top of its 7600 and some odd feet of elevation. We skied the face and in the Whistler bowl we were getting turn after turn of the freshness, oh yea, it was still snowing and by this time there was a roughly 20 inches of new. Needless to say we were skiing the best-of-the-best in the steep-of-the-steep.


Who knows how long the run from the top of Whistler to the bottom is but I heard it is 6.5 miles and it felt like it too. Our legs were on fire and the Green Circle runs (beginner runs) felt like Double-Black Diamonds in the ice. Every bump was punishing since we were dead tired and worn out.


Upon arrival at the base we immediately went into the Long Horn and grabbed some cold ones. Ah yes the rejuvenating power of a cold one J We put down a few beers and went back to the cabin for a massive hot tub and mixed drinks. OMG it felt so good and relaxed the muscles from the intense day of riding. We all went to dinner at the Keg then home for some good sleep so we could pack and clean to get out at a reasonable time.


Well that is the end of the adventure I want to give some props to the peeps that were there.


Jason – my buddy who invited me HELLA PROPS “DAWG” steep and deep riding patna

Pat –  Who fronted the cash up front to reserve the cabin CRAZY PROPS “DAWG”

Kate – Jason’s fiancé

Ryan – Steep & Deep riding patna

John – Ryan’s buddy and steep and deep riding patna

Glenn – Jason’s neighbors who transported my sticks PIMP STATUS

Mindy – Jason’s neighbors who transported my sticks PIMP STATUS







And the others I am forgetting – my bad!!




Your friend in Time,




One thought on “Friday morning our adventure…

  1. Awesome trip bud.  I never made it up to Whistler myself.
    I went riding at Snow Basin yesterday, and beat the hell out of myself.  Almost enough for another chapter in the Black and Blue Diaries!!
    Take care.

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