This week has been a long one…

This week has been a long one and there is no signs of it slowing down. Som egood news though it means more money in the bacnk. These past few months have been tough but hopefully this is a sign that things are to get better in the cash money department.
I get to try my luck with a product based website this time. Going to be implementing serious strategies right away and get our new client going. I have some questions about how to do some things, which is expected, but so far nothing seems to difficult I would not be able to figure it out or call the help line 😛 I am down with tech support.
I like to call up and say "hey, i f***ed this up, can you help me get straightened out?" Early days working on BAREs site I jacked it up more than my fare share. I was calling tech support so much I thought I was going to get a massive bill in the mail. Thank god that didn’t happen.
This new project should be fun. I will post a link to on here, where I have notta clue. What else is going on? Ah that’s right NOTHING!! well off to bed I go to do it all over again 😛
ps. picks are coming from the whistler tri, i got word tonight 🙂

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