A few months ago…

A few months ago I posted that the new 5th gear had arrived and was installed in the Stang but has chance has it, we already tore it up. Luckily the whole tranny didn’t go with it as well. It happened when we were on our way home from the NFC Championship game and the good news was is that 1st-4th gear were perfectly ok. A definite relief.


Hopefully soon we can get the gear and start preparing for this summers events. Only thing on the calendar so far is the Road Race, Cruise and one more thing that slips my mind. The RR. is the only I have been to but it is the only time you can drive your car as fast as you want too. 6,200 rpm 2nd– 3rd-4th redline shifts for 15 minute time sessions on Pacific Coast Raceways Road Course.


Being an all Ford day, I am Chevy Truck guy myself, you get too see almost every year, model of Mustangs and some other various Fords. People bring out their GT350s, Boss Cobras, 429 AC Shelby Cobras and on and on. But Brian’s ‘93 GT one of the fastest that shows up. Not the fastest but those people have put a few more bucks into the car. One day we maybe there but what’s the rush.


With a new fifth gear, lowing the boost to 9lbs (down from 13), new rear tires and some race gas we should be able to run hard all day long. I have been working on establishing a good camera mount set up but the funds just are there to complete the task. We have taken footage in the past but just need to burn it onto a dvd and then rip in another format. I have noticed that putting it on the web maybe an issue because of file size. Stupid web host, don’t give enough storage or the upload times out L


The still pics and some 30sec videos may work though. This summer should be a blast will all the things that are in the works.


But that is all for now.


Fordgasm Productions


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