Still workin away…

Still workin away on categorizing these blogs entrys. It is taking longer than expected and it is the most  mindless task ever and that not the worst thing either. Each time you select your category and republish the blog has to reload and takes you back to the page editor home. It is taking forever needless to say. Ah well, lesson learned: organize earlier and save time later 🙂
Last night was fun. I started off at the Crab Cracker and seen my fav bar tender, Travis. She, yes i said she, has a great sense of humor which cracks me up and she is pleasant to talk to. After a beer their I took a cab to Waldos. Pretty cool place. It was full of pool tables, stage and to many dart machines to count. I went to meet up with Kim and watch her brothers band Sambusa. It was a good show and I wouldn’t mind picking up one of CDs. A few yeagar(sp) bombs and Hiefy’s I was good to go. Everyone started to take off and head to another bar but I grabbed a cab home. It cost me 4 bucks…hahah I love it!!

6 thoughts on “Still workin away…

  1. Glad you had fun =) I think I may just take a few shots of something to see if it helps my lungs lol stupid bronchitis…so how have things been?  I can kinda relate to the folks thing…mine are always at each others throats and yes – I am the oldest and yes somehow end up in the middle…I think I need a whistle and a black and white striped shirt and a helmet lol…anyhow 3 months and 1 day till it\’s B-Day time hehe, and it\’s 2 months and 20 some odd days till I move woo hoo just what I wanted to be doing on my birthday – unpacking NOT lol.  Well take care for now =) and here\’s to more fun in life CHEERS!

  2. HaHaHa I\’ve been trying to put my blogs in categories as well. It does take forever! Its such a pain in the ass! I do a bit each day…I have so many friggen blogs its crazy. =/

  3. Hey man, I do drop by your blog as you told me earlier. It is such a nice place that  is well-organized by… I think should be you. Well, it seems that an office manager is always better than a student to organize everything.
    Nice to talk to you and welcome you to come to my blog again. ^_^
    Have to go to bed now. Will meet my advisor tomorrow, hope it will not be a hard time…

  4. hey sweetie, im ok, finally over bronchitis…ugh, been sick staying home, i think this weekend i will go out and have some fun for a change!!! hey where u at? maybe we\’ll end up in the same bar? hehee….hugz baby!

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