Some funny stuff…

Some funny stuff to start your Tuesday off right. This is the best. It is of Natalie Portman doing a gansta rap which is a play off Easy-E’s No More Questions. For all you old school gansta rap fans you know exactly what I am talkin about.
Quick Time Video: Natalie Portman: Gangsta Rap <– "now dat naire funny, I dont ker who you are". Tobyzz Review –   it has a good back beat with some good lyrics but since it is Natalie it has perfect humor!! A+
Quick Time Video: Matrix Ping Pong – OMG my face hurts
007 – Fordgazim – Race Time
Well I talked to my Brian today and great news was given to me. He got his new fifth gear in and the transmission goes back together. Yea buddy, but wait, that isn’t all. The order has been placed for new tires, 2 months the new AFR heads should be here and the methonal water injection (yes, water) will be in place givening us around 500 rwhp before the 14lb boost pully (currently 13lbs of boost) and loosing 40lbs of weight in the front end. If we get beat…mad promps to the car that does.
The road cousre is in July and preparation is everything. The 5-point harnesses will be holding us firmly in place while the camera mount secures the footage and the only thing left to do is HAMMER DOWN and hold on.
It is going to be a crazy time and hopefully we see a good competitor on the freeway at least once. The last time we lost the Stang was 405 rwhp and it was against a 2001 GTS Viper. We were behind by a fender when the stock 302 blew a rod out of the passenger side of the block. What a race though. That was the highest caliber street race we have ever been in and it was a worthy loss but that won’t happen twice. Unless, a viper, vetter, porchse turbo, well anyhoo it better have some work done.
Exciting time and can’t wait to get some pictures and hopefully some good video.
Get some – Get Some!!

10 thoughts on “Some funny stuff…

  1. Hi toby…OH i see how it is…you dont come visit me unless I come first….hummm! Im kidding! Hope all is well with you! ~~Boobie~~

  2. It\’s Natalie Portman…how can you not love it?  I about cried from laughing when I first saw it on SNL..and then every link I found to post on my space was dead..hence me posting it like, 3 days later.  And I\’ll be damned if it\’s not in my head all day at work…

  3. Hi Toby.
    How are you?
    Thank you for coming back to my space and many thanks for your greetings.
    I am so busy in looking for a job and preparing a presentation for SIEMENS lately that I didn\’t update my space and didn\’t come here for a long time. Sorry.
    I hope things are doing well with you.
    Take care!

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