Water on Saturn – Space News – MSNBC.com

If you haven’t read this article yet I highly recommend it. It is in regards to Saturn and the Cassini space craft that has been observing Saturn and its moons since 2004. The last major planetary disovery happened in the late 1970s when the volvanoes were observered for the first time on IO, one of Jupitor’s moons. It seems that Enceladus, Saturn’s moon, has geysers while plume out gas and liguid.

These hydrothermo vents give another key ingredient in the life equation. Our osceans have deep hydrothermo vents which sustain life at what was thought as unihabital parts of the deap sea. It is also interesting that these vents are coming the southern polar regoin of the moon and thermal imaging shows that it is also the warmest region.

Mars & IO are still in debate about the possibilities of life but no organic life has been found yet. For some reason I doubt that we find organic life within our solar system. My guess is life we be discovered through other means, direct observation.

Inter-planetary research gets a big boost with these findings. 

It amazes me what we are all going to see in our life time…So here is to the "dreamers" who quest is to venture outside of daily life and pursue the greatest of dreams, first exploration.


Water on Saturn moon could support life – Space News – MSNBC.com


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