St. Patty’s Day kicks arse!!

St. Patty’s Day kicks arse!! This morning I got up hella early, too early on Sunday, and headed to Safeco Field to park the car. Then we took and old school blue bird bus to the Seattle Center and Key Arena for the starting line. Being the ealier birds we got there in plenty of time and stood around and frooze our asses off until the Sun came up.
Ah the morning wasn’t too bad since we were layered pretty good but after the race commenced i was wished i left the jacket home 😛 It was a great jog down the Alaskan Way Viaduct. The view was spectacular and I almosted crashed becuase i wasnt paying attention to my running, hehehe, "oops sorry" and keep on going 🙂
While running on the Viaduct, I looked forward and thought to myself "my buddy Jason (the one i went to whistler with) has a beani like that" and as I got next to him I was like "WTF". A total random meeting in a run, on the Viaduct, between to buddies who had no clue the other was doing the run.
As I approached Safeco Field, homeplate was the finish, the crowd was big and cheering. I have never done one of these things before so the whole experience was brand new. The crowd cheered and it gave me a good final push to finish the 3.5 miles 30min 58secs. I was breakin no records that run but it was pretty fun.
After the race, we all sat around talking about the views, times and what hurt and made our decesion to go get breakfast. Your probably shocked I wasn’t in the beer garden, I kinda am…but food sounded awesome 🙂
We ate a Chelan Diner near Alki Beach and then cruised Alki to see the views. What a perfect day in the Northwest!!!
Well that is all for folks,
"Live long and prosper"

5 thoughts on “St. Patty’s Day kicks arse!!

  1. Hey babes…great that you ran. Ive never done a run before but i have walked for ms. Talk about being tired afterwards…grrr! So whats your favorite colors? Yes i have a reason for asking and dont say green..haha! (not unless it really is your fav.) OK let me know, ims gonna make you something! ~~Boobie~~

  2. OK its done…All flipping 3 of them…haha, well just two actually. Two are alike just diff. sized..OK i need the email addy, I use to have it as I have sent you email b4, (snow pic) but I dont know where it is. YOU in no way have to post this…Im not a professional…however..I think you\’ll like it. *Hopes Toby likes it* ha! ok email…..mine is listed on my space if you need to send it to me privately. OK come get it…..~~Boobie~~

  3. Hola Hola…
    Just visiting all my warped peeps…
    to say Happy Humpday Eve!!
    hope your week has started out well…
    drop by say hello…and asked my warped victim
    some tough questions…
    and if your not on my Birthday list ..
    GET ON IT …Please I dont wanna be missin birthdays,
    the link is at the top of the page!! Talk to ya soon!!
    Hugz & muahz tarah xo

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