Loooky Looky here…

Loooky Looky here, peep the new Siggy I just recieved from Princess Boobie!! Yea Buddy, did you notice the SEAHAWK’s MONSTER TRUCKS? Now that is what i am talking about 🙂
Having her add Seahawks Trucks to the siggy was a honorable motion 🙂 Since she is a Steelers fan but that topic is neither here or there.
The siggy looks great Boobie, I abosutely love it babe!! YOU F***’N ROCK!!
The days are counting down until next season and I can hardly wait. If you haven’t heard yet the Seahawks lost Joe Jerivicious to the Browns which is too bad becuase he was a great reciever and had his best year with the Hawks. We also lost Steve Hutchinson, Marquan Manual but at least we kept our other stars.
Alexander descided to sign a 8yr contract for 62 million bones…wish i could score a contract like that 😛 Keeping most of the team is great for team moral and to keep the winning mentality through this comming year. Our Team Rocks, yours doesn’t 🙂 so 12th Fans let’s wear our Blue Proudly for the comming season is just around the corner.

Peace out!!
Toby B


10 thoughts on “Loooky Looky here…

  1. Awww.thanks toby..thats very sweet of you. Hey we missed you for hump day! Friday ill blog again, Ive had to limit it…work, kids, hubby, xbox…siggys! LOL! have a great day hun!~~Boobie~~

  2. hey hun! thanks 4 dropping in ~ im gonna be saving as ur ace ventura i probly wont use it tho cuz i dont know here i can put it as my space is laoded with clutter but if ya return for avisit ull see im afana ventura i jus love comedy period
    im rambling so ya ~ drop in anytime take care

  3. of course i dont mind and i will do the same ~ but my only condiition is ya gotta come say hello once in a while.. hahahaa jus glanc\’n 2 my right i see myself there …RIGHT ON!
    my bubble bath is ready so i will add ya tomorrow mmk ~
    would  u mind? lemme know
    also how r ya?
    and wher ya from ?
    whats ur weather like im in western ~ canada its collllddd brrrr
    oh and i put the ventura in tha album ~ hated save as ing form ya cuz all my shizzit is original like i said ima fan and i did put ur name in the album title
    k so ya gotta go soak and sing…

  4. Shoot, stopping in here reminds me I have to get the season tickets.  Lol, bet the price went up this year.  They were so cheap back in the last years of the Kingdome.  Go Hawks!
    Blessed be,

  5. hey there, thanks for stopping in…great space you have here!!! HAPPY ST. PATTYS DAY!! i\’m having a little spaces st. pattys day party so do drop by 😉

  6. Happy St. Pattys day Toby! Maybe you were smart today and didnt wear green so the ladies can all pinch you! Have a great weekend!~~Boobie~~

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