Check this out my spaces buddies…

Check this out my spaces buddies…I was cruising the net lookin for chicks when i noticed the King Tom from If I Were King has been featured again on MSN’s What’s Your Story site, you know, the Spaces Homepage. It has been redone and now allows voting. So get your arse over to the poling station and vote for KT!!
Well if i am telling you to vote for him you might want to know what makes is space so cool.
1. The concept is genius. I’m mean we have all been sitting there and thought "if i had it my way the s*** would be different". So everytime he encounters something of stupidity and moronic he passes a rule. These rules are funny, good and sometimes off the wall but what the heck..they are still bad arse in my book. So far their is more than 100 IIWK Laws passed.
2. The music is always good and right now he is playing It’s Good to Be King by Tom Petty. Go firgure huh…it is too perfect 😛
3. KT allows he readers to get involved. If you wish to submit a law for concideration you can emial him but don’t forget to put it in the proper format. Damn politicians…always a catch so if you wish to submit a law email King Tom at
4. Most Importantly!! He is a beer consuer…so KT here is a pic for you…look for in the photo albumn. These set of laws are the the greatest in my book.
King Tom has also passed two laws for me so i could be a tad biased in his favor. The first one was regarding beer, go figure huh.

Need I saw more…He is a cool mofo so get over to the poling station and make your voices heard.

Spaces is a cool place for bloggers to meet, share and have fun together in our own way. I have been active for almost a year and I say i enjoy it. Even though the blogging has gotten sparce. The job changes and scoring a website to build, things have just been crazy.

Sometimes life is a tad over whelming. The old title to this site was Twenties Aren’t Easy and now approaching 28 they are getting a tad easier to manage but trying all the same. It is amazing what a person can learn over the course of one year is truely astonishing.

One of my best friends had his 30th b-day party friday. It was a hoot and it was good to see some friends i have chillax’d with in a while but it brought back alot and i mean alot of memories of days gone by.

Enough the sentimentalness, I am off to go bother peeps online.




7 thoughts on “Check this out my spaces buddies…

  1. WOW!!! Thanks for the plug.  I\’m afraid that Gelati farms will run away with the victory. I have been leaving comments on her site for weeks, its a good blog and she is deserving of being featured.  Its really not fair to recognize me for a 2nd time when there are so many deserving blogs out there.  Thanks for you nice entry!
    I will NOT cheer for the Seahawks during the playoffs.  My jinx doesnt occur during the regular season.  Great picture of the beer fountain.

  2. Ok..all done. Voted for KT. Hope he wins! So happy hump day to you..Sorry you will miss tomorrow. Maybe next week! Have a great evening and a better tomorrow!~~Boobie~~

  3. wassup wit me? its my burfday tomorrow WOO HOO!!!!
    hahah how r ya???
    betta run gonna watch king kong YAY!!

  4. Hey Toby I\’ll check it out for sure! How nice of you to help gather votes for him. I wish I had a space friend that would do the same for me when I\’m nominated for something…..HaHaHa =P

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