My sources…

My sources have informed me that Mike “Coach” Holmgren will have his own TV show come this season. It will air Sunday nights after Sunday Night Football on King5. This will be a fun item to watch and to learn more about the inter workings of our team. Seahawks football is in my blood!!


There is a lot of excitement around the team this year and it only looks to get better. The team has picked up some solid players, Nate Burleson from the Vikings, Julian Peterson from the 49ers and Tom Ashworth from the New England Patriots. Read full article.


The cool thing is that Nate is a Seattle native, O’Dea High School, so having him here is a big home coming. In an interview he put it this way “representing the 206”. Yea buddy!! Good to have a local boy aboard and he should feel pretty good to playing in front of his home crowd because we F***’ing Rock!!


The additions the Coach Holmgren and team president, Tim Ruskell, will only strengthen the team and keep our winning momentum into the coming year.


Also in the news, all preseason games will be televised on King5. Preseason is fun because you get to see the new talent that may play in the regular season. GO Seahawks!!


A few buddies and I are lining up our season tickets and so far there is 6 or 7 of us. It would nice to have all our tickets in a row but I doubt that is going to happen. The way ticket sales are going we will be lucky to get 4 side by side. Only time will tell but all I know is 4 of us have already made our deposits.

3 thoughts on “My sources…

  1. hey just letting ya know that i added ya to my space of spaces unda G! and its kool that ya linked my otha space thanks for that, but if you could also link tis one that would be great!!! and wlcome to biatch\’s space of spaces!!!!!!

  2. Hey Toby,
    How are you? Seasons tickets on the way….
    Sounds like alot of good times are on their way! =D

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