Work is steady picking up…

Work is steady picking up and that is music to my ears. The phones are ringing and our website is ever increasing traffic. Last month we broke another total hits record with 11,803 for March 2006. Wahooo that is too cool. If the site continues this traffic through the year we could do over 130,000 hits. The one thing we have to do is start converting this traffic into transactions. I still have to keep working on it.


What else is going on…I am meeting up with some friends this weekend to mess around. What we will do I haven’t the faintest idea yet but there should be no problem in keeping ourselves occupied.


Tarah is hosting another event at her Warped Zone. It is the Top 100 sites so get your butt over there and nominate your favorite spaces, Nominate Here. I can think of a lot of spaces I would like to see be on the list so what are you waiting for. DO IT NOW!! Heheh 😛


Anyhoo, that is all from my world today.




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