Well my friends finally conned me into a MySpace account. I bet you can’t guess, muahahaha, Goingbigger MySpace. I got my name. Secured and locked in 😛 I don’t know if anyone in MSN Spaces land also has a MySpace but I think the software is un friendly to use. So far I cannot remember how to install different sections of the site. It is designed mostly for networking and comments. It isnt about blogging or it is a pretty program to look at. They look like junk if you ask me and no where near the quality of MSN Space.
Hell we can run advertising on our MSN Spaces if we feel like it 🙂 I don’t know about you but that is a nice bonus i like, hehehe. It is good for traffic to run feeds and submit your sites feed for traffic. Steady traffic from search engines because of blogging enables a site to envolve and grow into something intead of going stagnit and finally loosing readership.
blah, blah blah…hehehe….if you read my blog over there you will find more about my night. I went out with two of my smokin hot friends Kim, Christen. It was hella fun but I drank to much and now feel like garbage. We danced, shot darts, laughed and even bought pizza at QFC at then end the night. I had so much fun and the ladies were just smokin hot 🙂 I have pics but i am not share’n. U peep’n at  my stash? I din it tink so.
Sorry life aint fair…oooo….what’s my buddy Chris just dropped by with beer. Now off to watch the Masters.
Peace out!!

5 thoughts on “MySpace:

  1. thanks hun! And i hate myspace….i got one! All the freaks are on there, and its a nasty forum. The stalkers hang there I think. I dont ever go to mine, i think its princessboobie…or boobieprincess..freak its been so long i dont even remember. I just hated getting all those messages that say hey can i see your tits, or hey do you cam? WTF, like if i did id do it with them…FREAKS! Ha! have a great day hun..*HUGS*

  2. hey hunni-bunni…whats up? well i been crazy busy wit studies an PSP, but having lots of fun ^_^ hpe all is well darling!

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