Interviewers look at more than a resume.


1. It’s commonly estimated that what percentage of jobs are filled by word of mouth. Is it …

Wrong, Your Answer: d
Correct Answer: c, Over two-thirds

It’s been estimated that between 70 and 80 percent of all jobs are filled by people who learned of them through word of mouth. This illustrates the importance of networking.

2. According to a poll of executives, how do hiring managers prefer a candidate’s resume to be organized?

Wrong, Your Answer: a
Correct Answer: b, Chronological (organized by date of previous work experience)

A recent survey by Robert Half International (RHI) revealed that an overwhelming majority of executives – 78 percent – prefer chronological resumes over those presented by job function.

3. Which of the following is a breach of interview etiquette?

Wrong, Your Answer: a
Correct Answer: b, Taking a seat before the interviewer has offered you one

It may seem old-fashioned, but the rules of etiquette mandate that you wait for the hiring manager to offer you a seat. However, if no seat is offered, you should go ahead and take one after the person you’re meeting with is seated.

4. According to a recent survey, what percentage of executives consider the advice of their administrative assistants to be important when making hiring decisions?

Correct, Your Answer: a, Over 90 percent
An RHI poll showed that 91 percent of executives consider their assistants’ opinions important when making hiring decisions – up from 60 percent five years ago. This means it’s essential to be professional and friendly with everyone you encounter when interviewing.

5. How many interviews can most employees expect to go through before they are offered a job?

Wrong, Your Answer: a
Correct Answer: b, Two or three

Research shows that 44 percent of job seekers can expect three interviews before a job offer is extended; 34 percent will participate in two interviews.

6. Executives believe approximately what percentage of job seekers lie on their resumes?

Correct, Your Answer: d, One-third
Executives surveyed said they believe 30 percent of job candidates lie or intentionally omit significant information on their resumes. Don’t bend the truth when interacting with employers; honesty is always the best policy.

7. An interviewer is somewhat less likely to hire the person he or she interviewed:

Correct, Your Answer: a, First
Research reveals that the candidate interviewed first is somewhat less likely to be hired than those interviewed later, probably because the interviewer either cannot recall that person in detail or they feel they should not hire the first person they met.

8. Executives were asked for the quality in job seekers – apart from ability – that impressed them most during an interview. Three responses each received about 30 percent of the vote. They were:

Correct, Your Answer: c, Honesty, enthusiasm, verbal skills
Honesty received the most responses, garnering 32 percent of the vote. Enthusiasm ranked second, receiving 29 percent, and verbal skills ranked third with 28 percent.

9. Assuming all the other candidates have resumes as impressive as yours, which of the following factors will likely give you an edge?

Correct, Your Answer: a, Knowing more about the firm than any other candidate so you can discuss how your skills meet their needs
You’ll stand out from the competition if you can make a convincing argument as to why you and a particular company are a perfect match. An eloquent thank-you note and follow-up correspondence are good ideas as well, though.

10. All but one of the following are responses actual job candidates gave when asked why they should be hired. Which one is the fake?

Correct, Your Answer: c, “I like the candy you stock in your vending machines.”
One last piece of job-hunting advice: Be prepared to give a compelling response when asked why you should be hired. The best response will concisely, yet persuasively, describe how your skills match the company’s needs – not your penchant for Snickers bars.


See the orginal survey here.


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