Being sicks blows…

Being sicks blows and has taken me to lay around all day and try and think. Thinking isn’t the easist thing when your not feeling good. As luck would have it I am supposed to go out with a friend tomorrow night.
Current Status: cloudy head, sinuses hurt, ears don’t feel good and it seems my head is expanding.
Needless to say I feel like a garbage can and how do you think I know what a garbage can feels like? I have an older brother and when brothers are bigger they tell to stick their younger brother in odd places as a fun after school activity.
Let’s see I tried to work on my real estate course but found it i was retaining anything. Then I tried to continue to balance BARE’s books. Yea good luck with that…that program is way smarter than I right now. Now I am attempting to post.
Hopefully I feel better tomorrow so I can go out and dance. I so need to work on the skills they are beyond rusty more than antique. I have to oil my joints before I do that or maybe I just need to go with a girl that can help me out. Good thing "C" is a hella good dancer.
So far I have never seen anyone dance like her before. I’m is like dreams come true. Smokin hot, Yea buddy!!
Ah it hurts to all amped up. Stop the madness. I was to sleep better tonight than lasts. Hella tired and rolling around trying to fall asleep.
Once there I did have a skiing dream. That was pretty sweet!! I’ll get my turns any whay I can hehe
Well off to try and think,
peace out

5 thoughts on “Being sicks blows…

  1. Hi Toby.
    Thank you for coming back to my space. I am busy with my graduation paper lately. It is not fun, hehe…
    How are you now? I hope you feel much better.
    Have a great time tomorrow. 

  2. WOW we are neighbors…
    I am in Gig Harbor Wa. (Raft Island)
    My name is Shannon and thanks for the visit.
    And yes,
    Seahawks are fantastic.
    I hope you get better soon Toby=O)

  3. I got sick a couple of weeks ago.  I ended up trowing up in my garbage can for about 15 mins, and then going home.  Well enough of that unpleasentness.
    Its back to being sunny and 72 down here on the Wasatch front.  Althougth the weatherman is calling for snow tommrow and Monday.  *sings* I\’m dreaming of a white Easter!
    I saw that u had the Hawk schedule up, but I didn\’t see the zebras anywhere on the scehdule.  Does that mean that the Hawks only have to play other football teams this year?
    Take care bro

  4. Toby,
    Sorry to hear you\’re not feeling well.  Hopefully you\’ve kicked whatever it was to the curb and are feeling much better.  I know how older siblings can be, I have 6 of them.  They never tried to can me but my friend\’s older brothers have tried a few times.  Luckily I\’m not your average tomboy!
    Hopefully I\’ll be back blog hopping more than I have been lately.  We are finally getting settled in over here in Italy but the moved consumed a lot of my time during the last 4-5 months or so.  Definitely worth it though!
    Take care,

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