These short essays where written by Toby Barnett and/or guest authors. Reproduction is prohibited without the expressed written of either Toby or author. If a reader has a problem or would wish to comment on an article be our guest. There are No guarantees that they will be answer though. That’s f***ed up huh? Oh well, my rules 🙂


Water on Saturn’s Moon?

Synopsis: Liquid has been found on one of Saturn’s Moons. This is a recent and significate find could shed light on a age old question. How did life form in our solar system?


Conflict Iraq

Synopsis: Why won’t the violence stop? A culture that says it’s peaceful is the quickest to riot and kill over anything. Knowledge is power and in a civilization where radical clerics run the people minds and use violence and a weapon for all means it isn’t hard to see that the civilization is desperately trying to survive.


Islamic Cartoons

Synopsis: These cartoons published by a Danish newspaper causes an upraor in the Islamic community. Here is another reason why the burn flags, bomb buildings and kill and support voilence over cartoons. Is it just me or is this culture f***ing crazy? I think so.


Hurricane Katrina

Synopsis:  This essay follows the events which unfolded in one of the greatest natural disasters in the history of the United States of America. It marks its massive power, destructive force and the lives affected by this portion of history. These essays have not covered the rebuilding efforts currently underway in the Gulf Coast region.


Geological events of the past resurfacing in the present

Synopsis: This short outlines some historical events which reshaped the world and if we look a simple coloration of present events it may shed some light on what the people of the planet are in for.


Ode to the Commenting Coward

Synopsis: If you leave a hate comment be sure to leave your contact info. Otherwise your are a wuss and your opinion doesn’t even matter. Leave a comment worth leaving so we are not lowered to your stupidity.


North Korea and Proliferation

Synopsis: The N. Korean government thinks it should have nukes but the west doesn’t think so. It is a large responsibility to carry and when the N. Koreas test missiles over Japan it doesn’t make me all warm and fuzzy inside.


Real Estate: The Changing Industry

Synopsis: The real estate industry has been behind the curve because of the tight control agents once had over information. It is time for a new real estate company and agent to emerge to keep pace with discount online brokerage service providers.


Separation of Church and State

Synopsis: As the debate continues the right still seeks to instill church into our education but there are groups willing to oppose them.


Itellegent Design

Synopsis: Still being pushed in the school system but to there defeat. Our constitution is the foundation of our country and still keeps the religious sect out of our public education system.




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